NYC’s Central Park 347-Hour Stretch of Freezing Temps Finally Ends

New York City’s iconic Central Park had its first above-freezing temperature reading at 4 a.m. Tuesday, breaking a 347-hour streak of below-freezing temperatures.

Central Park’s temperature was 33 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service reported. Temperatures at the park had been at or below freezing, 32 degrees, since Dec. 25.

The eastern U.S. has been in a deep freeze since Christmas, culminating in the coldest start to the new year in many places around the country. The week centered on New Year’s Eve was among the top five coldest on record for most of the East Coast.

Now, a slight “thaw” is on the way. Forecasters expect temperatures to rise through Friday before coming back down a bit over the weekend.

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    Spurwing Plover


    So cold in Central Park the Sparrows and Pigeons are ganging up on the Squerrels and stirpping off their fur


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