New Study Finds Cosmic Rays-Climate Link

A breakthrough in the understanding of how cosmic rays from supernovae can influence Earth´s cloud cover and thereby climate is published today in the journal Nature Communications. Technical University of Denmark, 19 December 2017

We have finally found the last piece of the puzzle of why cosmic rays make clouds. It was to prove that ions do in fact produce cloud condensation nuclei that are needed for making clouds. After four years of intense work we have cracked the problem and found the underlying mechanism. Henrik Svensmark, GWPF Observatory, 19 December 2017

The impact of changes in solar activity on Earth’s climate was up to seven times greater than climate models suggested according to new research published today in Nature Communications. Researchers have claimed a breakthrough in understanding how cosmic rays from supernovas react with the sun to form clouds, which impact the climate on Earth. The findings have been described as the “missing link” to help resolve a decades-long controversy that has big implications for climate science. —Graham Lloyd, The Australian, 19 December 2017

Scientists at the Technical University of Denmark have discovered what they call a game-changing result in understanding how cosmic rays from supernovae – exploding stars – can influence Earth’s cloud cover and thereby climate by being mediated by the Sun. If confirmed, it could alter the equation of climate change with more attention being placed on solar influences which had been dismissed as minor. –David Whitehouse, GWPF Observatory, 19 December 2017

Due to a drop in the number of sunspots and the resulting decrease in total solar radiance (TSI) values, NASA launched a new sensor to study the dimming sun. It is already visible that as the magnetic activity of the sun decreases, influx of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR’s) increase. This has been observed by Helium balloon measurements over California. International Business Times, 17 December 2017

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    Spurwing Plover


    But as always the facts dont matter to the New York Pravda and FNN all they care about is having a Demac-Rat in the oval office and america surrenering its soventry to a world goverment conctoled by the Useless Nations

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    If this were true…it would be peer reviewed, published in major scientific journals … and HE WOULD BE FAMOUS….
    he is another hand wringing about ALARMISTS.
    January 6, 2017
    Writing in The Spectator, David Whitehouse promotes the idea that the debunked global warming “pause” continues to be real.
    ((That ” PAUSE ” is probably why temperatures increased making
    2014 the HOTTEST year on Record
    …until 2015 temperatures increased making it the HOTTEST year on Record….
    …until 2016 temperatures increased making it the HOTTEST year on Record….
    …AND 2017 us KNOCKING on the DOOR of being a RECORD HOT YEAR AS WELL…..))))
    “The headlines say there is fresh doubt over the so-called global warming ‘hiatus’,”
    Whitehouse writes, claiming “This is because a new study suggests that the temperature of the oceans was being underestimated in the past 20 years or so […].” [42]
    “[M]ost climate scientists think the ‘hiatus’ exists
    (( GOOD LORD WHAT PLANET IS HE ON…MOST SCIENTISTS KNOW THAT THE “HIATUS” does NOT exist with all these yearly records being set)))
    and is a fascinating phenomenon that deserves study,”
    Whitehouse writes. [42]
    Scientific American addressed such claims in a January 4 article where independent scientists weighed in and confirmed there has been no pause in ocean warming. [43]
    “The bottom line,” Berkely Earth’s Zeke Hausfather says, “is that NOAA got it right.
    They were not manipulating the data for any political purpose. Warming has continued.”
    December 12, 2016
    David Whitehouse spoke with David Rose on ”GWPF TV” about “the hostile and irrational reactions to his article on the drop in global temperatures since the El Nino ‘spike’ in early 2016.” Video below. [41]

    February 26, 2016
    David Whitehouse writes in The Spectator that
    ”[T]here has been a 15-year hiatus in global warming,” citing an article in Nature. [6]
    According to James Delingpole at Breitbart, the article vindicates Whitehouse’s previous claim in 2007 that global warming had “stopped.” [15]
    ((( REALLY? It Took 10 years to Reach a political conclusion)))

    Delingpole goes on to describe those who believe the global warming pause to be innacurate as
    “morally bankrupt,
    intellectually tainted,
    useful idiot shills.” [16]
    (((now that sounds like a thoroughly well thought out scientific opinion. )))

    Now you all forget all those records broken…

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