Nation’s ‘Ice Box’ Breaks A 93-Year-Old Cold Temperature Record

A blast of Arctic air brought temperatures in the city of International Falls, Minn., down to a new record low of -36 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday morning, beating out a nearly century-old record.

International Falls is known as the “ice box of the nation” because the town experiences a high of 32 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 100 days throughout a typical year.

The previous record cold for the city was -32 degrees in 1924, but now that’s been shattered, the National Weather Service reported.

Temperatures hit -36 degrees in the early morning hours, NWS reported on Wednesday. meteorologist Ryan Maue said the frigid temperatures are the result of freezing air coming down from the Canadian Arctic.

It’s been a cold few days for most of the country. The morning after Christmas saw three-quarters of the country at or below freezing, and record snowfall is blanketing the northeastern U.S.

International Falls isn’t the only Minnesota town to go into a deep freeze. NWS reported that Embarrass and Cotton were both around 40 degrees below zero on Wednesday morning.

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    December 8, measurable snow fell in every one of the Gulf states. Last time that happened so early in the season was the 1890’s.
    Lake Erie could freeze over before New Years. Homeland Security is on alert for Canadian climate refugees.


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