Miami Is Sinking, But That Doesn’t Mean Sea Levels Are Rising

miami high ran an article Friday claiming the streets of Miami flood with every high tide, but The Daily Caller News Foundation has spoken to an official from Miami Beach that claims that is not true.

“It’s hard to ignore climate change in South Florida, what with the city streets that flood at high tide,” said Grist Friday.

Miami Public Relations Manager Melissa Berthier told TheDCNF that “flooding only happens during ‘king tides,'” which take place around April and October.

King tides happen when the Sun and Moon align on the same side of the Earth, and their resulting combined gravitational pull produces tides much higher than normal.

When asked if flooding is a regular occurrence at normal high tides during the rest of the year, Berthier said “no.” She said king tides bring flooding twice a year, with the fall tide being “more severe” than the spring.

Witness King Tides says on its website that “[King tides] aren’t part of climate change; they are a natural part of tidal cycles.”

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