Leaked DNC docs show Hillary a climate change charlatan

HillaryToday, leaked DNC documents show that while Hillary Clinton was giving speeches on the perilous dangers of climate change, she was flying across the world on a private jet with over a dozen of her closest advisors. Just add her name to the growing list of celebs and politicians who speak about how we need to reduce our carbon footprint, but to pay no attention to their own green hypocrisy. The newly hacked documents underscore just how worried the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has become over their presumptive presidential nominee.

So concerned that the DNC even created a dossier of her most glaring vulnerabilities called the Clinton Foundation Vulnerabilities Master Doc. But Hillary’s demands for these paid speeches, including private jet and penthouse suites, show a deeper malfeasance and a “portrait of a political party besieged by media coverage of foreign Clinton Foundation donations.” It’s hard to rail against income inequality when you’re flouncing around the world in a Gulfstream jet and designer labels.

The DNC is claiming that the hack was the work of Russian intelligence agents (another vast right-wing conspiracy), something the actual hacker dismisses and calls a “total fail.” Guccifer 2.0, the person who breached the DNC’s servers, shows what party officials have long suspected: that their candidate has a lot of deep-rooted flaws that grow into everything she touches.

The documents hacked show a pattern of lavish travel, use of Clinton Foundation investments, and speech contracts that contradict her condemnations of income inequality. One of the documents, penned mostly by the DNC as a preemptive media attack, shows the presidential candidate’s requirements for a typical paid speech shortly after leaving office as secretary of state.

Aside from getting a whopping $225,000 flat-speaking fee, Clinton required a “chartered roundtrip private jet” that had to be a “Gulfstream 450 or larger aircraft.” Costing more than $40 million, the Gulfstream jet can seat 19 people and “sleeps up to six.” It can fly 8,000 kilometers before it needs to be refueled. And it emits about 40 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each trip. That’s the equivalent of what two Americans release in one year.

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