Jack Welch: Obama’s ‘Radical’ Energy Policies Are Wrecking The Economy

jackwelchGeneral Electric CEO Jack Welch thinks President Barack Obama’s focus on global warming is producing “radical behavior” that’s hurting the U.S. economy.

“You get an economy that won’t move,” Welch told CNBC’s Squawk Box Thursday. “You get ozone regs that are wacky.”

“You get a reduced military,” he said. “You can’t be sitting here with the real threat of a caliphate and ISIL … and talking about climate change.”

Welch said lots of regulations need to be repealed and taxes need to be cut in order to get the economy moving again. Welch also said, while he’s not a global warming skeptic, the “cost of doing it; it’s got to be more balanced.”

“In my view, it’s a massive deregulation. It’s all of the above. It’s deregulation. It’s [reforming] taxes,” he said. “What we’ve got is a habitualized low-growth environment.”

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