Human Influence On Atlantic City, NJ, Sea Level

Over the past century, the long-term sea level trend at Atlantic City has been a fairly steady 4.07 mm/year.

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

The rate of change in sea level peaked in 1973 at 19 mm/year and follows a ~11-year cycle. Sea level is currently falling at Atlantic City at about 5mm/year.

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

Atlantic City sea level trends loosely track solar activity and show no correlation with CO2.

There is nothing in the sea level record which indicates humans have any influence, but lots of indication that the Sun controls it. However, there is one area of human influence – data tampering by government agencies.

1982 version     current version

Global warming is the biggest scam in science history and is driven by tens of billions of dollars in government funding which has corrupted the science.

The real trend started in 1993 when Vice-President Al Gore started purging skeptical scientists from funding sources. He created a consensus by separating anyone who dissented from funding dollars.

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