#Greens tell #millennials voting for a third party is voting for @realDonaldTrump

johnson-steinThe League of Conservation Voters will make a multi-million dollar pitch to millennials in crucial battleground states against voting for third-party candidates in the presidential election.

The group’s Victory Fund announced it will use a $2.6 million mail campaign to reach out to young voters and others to discourage voting for third-party candidates. The group will tell millennials that voting for anyone other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is akin to voting for Republican Donald Trump.

“There are high stakes for young voters in this election, including the opportunity to meet the climate crisis head-on, and they overwhelmingly dislike Trump. But some may still be leaning towards a third-party candidate instead of Hillary, whose policies strongly align with their priorities,” said the group’s National Campaigns Director Clay Schroers.

“This is a group of young people who don’t want to risk a Trump presidency, and it’s important that they know that a vote for anyone but Hillary is a vote for Trump.”

The campaign will send mailers to 1.1 million households targeting young voters in Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The group also will send 450,000 mailers to households in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Environmentalists have been working particularly hard to defeat Trump this election. Groups have ripped his anti-environmentalist stances on energy, along with his denial of climate change in past statements. Trump has largely adopted a pro-fossil fuel agenda in campaigning.

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    In USA politics
    The whole purpose of third party campaigns was to
    force the major parties to adopt their issues.

    They are now saying that their issues no longer matter in the face of the
    greatest of all issues in defeating Trump.

    They’re not referring to Rodham-Clinton at all !

    They’re not talking of their die hard issues at all !

    Is this bizarre and contra-indicative or what ?

    Trump is hated by so many established elite and insiders and scum trying to hold onto whatever influence they have that they are demonstrating

    Trump to be the ONLY desirable candidate.

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    Voting Hillary is voting status quo . Same list of greenie groups infiltrating the government and $$trillions in kick backs (grants ) to the Democrat “renewable ”
    donors . It will be government by executive order and the Republicans can return to hibernation . The international cluster F of USA foreign policy will chew up innocent people while the arms dealers get fat . The millennials will now see first hand who’s interests the hedge fund $$ Billionaire “donors ” will be taking care of and it isn’t theirs .
    The Republicans could have run a chimp to beat one of the most distrusted politicians in history but they chose to out ugly them .
    Good luck .

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