Gore’s new health warning: ‘Every organ system can be affected by climate change’

In Al Gore’s new book, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”, the former Vice President features a professor of pediatrics warning that global warming is impacting our health.

“Every organ system can be affected by climate change. When I say that, I get goosebumps,” says Pediatrician Susan Pacheco, a professor of pediatrics at University of Texas McGovern Medical School, in Gore’s new book.

Gore’s book features Pacheco and her climate change health warnings and touts the fact that the professor was inspired to get involved in climate activism after seeing his original film. The book is a companion to Gore’s new film being released this month, a sequel to his 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The book is being billed as “Your action handbook to learn the science, find your voice, and help solve the climate crisis.” Gore’s new book excerpts available here. Excerpts of Gore reading the book available here.

Gore wrote, “The obvious and overwhelming evidence of the damage we are causing is now increasingly impossible for reasonable people to ignore.

“It is widely known by now that there is a nearly unanimous view among all scientists authoring peer-reviewed articles related to the climate crisis that it threatens our future, that human activists are largely, if not entirely responsible, and that action is needed to urgently prevent catastrophic harm it is already starting to bring.”

(Climate Depot Note: Blaming extreme weather on “climate change” is not supported by evidence. & Climate Depot has repeatedly debunked Gore’s climate claimsGore admits Paris pact symbolic – Makes incorrect claims about Greenland, sea levels & extreme weather And here: Climate Depot’s New ‘Talking Points’ Report – A-Z Debunking of Climate Claims And Here  Skeptics Deliver Consensus Busting ‘State of the Climate Report’ to UN Summit)

Pacheco warns in Gore’s new book that climate change is already making us sick. “There’s heart disease, there’s lung disease, there’s kidney disease,” she says in Gore’s book. Gore writes that Pacheco “didn’t become concerned with climate science until 2006. Her eldest son was learning about climate change in school, so she took the family to see An Inconvenient Truth.”

Gore wrote, “this trip to the theater proved to be a wake-up call. She had never paid much attention to climate science, but after seeing the move she found herself preoccupied by it. As time passed, she decided she needed to talk action, and applied to take part in the second-ever Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a training program I led in Nashville in 2006.”

“Pacheco became convinced she could see the effects in her own clinic’s waiting room, in the Texas children she saw suffering from asthma, heat sensitivity, and allergies. Children and the elderly, she discovered, tend to be the most vulnerable. And while many adults have lived for years in an environment less affected by climate change, today’s youth will grow up with an entire lifetime of exposure. The potential for damage and illness, she suspects, is much higher,” Gore wrote.

“Pacheco also founded the Texas Coalition for Climate Change Awareness. In 2013, the White House bestowed Pacheco with the illustrious “Champions of Change” award in recognition of her efforts,” Gore wrote.

Other activists have warned of similar climate impacts. UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Michael Oppenheimer warned in 2014: “In fact, anybody who eats is under threat from climate change.” (Also see: Scientist to the Hollywood Stars: UN IPCC’s Michael Oppenheimer ‘was the holder of the ‘Barbra Streisand Chair of Environmental Studies’ at Environmental Defense Fund’)

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    When I want facts on climate change, I always consult a pediatrician, especially one that thinks CO2 is damaging to human lungs.

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    From the OP:
    “Gore’s book features Pacheco and her climate change health warnings and touts the fact that the professor was inspired to get involved in climate activism after seeing his original film.”

    The year Al’s first film appeared I was at the famous American Birkebeiner cross country ski race in Northern Wisconsin. A considerable cross section of CC skiers are best described as granola-eating tree huggers who drive Subarus heavily laden with leftist-slogan bumper stickers. (Sorry, that’s just a fact.)

    The race organizers had obtained Al’s move and were playing it as a “public service” for the eager crowd. The movie was truly a religious experience for many who otherwise take pride in proclaiming themselves as being above religion. They were starry-eyed and thunder-struck by the inspired brilliance they had seen. Throughout the weekend I encountered many who were witnessing to friends how essentially The Great Prophet Al Gore had discovered THE Truth, while not questioning a single word of the film. It was really quite funny to see how vulnerable and gullible these people were, especially since most of these folks claim to be of such superior intellect, especially involving matters of the environment.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The Truth to Power who is gore trying to fool he dont know the truth he isa con-man and a fruad selling snake oil to the gullible fools who like to hear his dumb poem

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