Gore gives in to pressure, says he’ll vote for Hillary

Michelle Obama speaking at the highly chaotic 2016 DNC.

Michelle Obama speaks on first night of the highly chaotic 2016 DNC.

Bowing to pressure to endorse Hillary Clinton, Al Gore finally sent out a series of tepid tweets yesterday officially saying he’ll vote for the Democratic presidential candidate.

After stories ran in Politico, Blasting News, The Tennessean, and elsewhere, the two-term vice president finally sent out a series of late-afternoon tweets letting his followers know he was voting for Hillary Clinton:

If that sounds a bit meager, that’s because Gore never actually said he was endorsing Hillary (he may officially endorse her on the last day of the convention).

And he’s still not attending or speaking at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). All this comes on the heels of a chaotic and disorderly first day in which Bernie Sanders’ supporters forced Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign immediately, causing a last-minute replacement in which Baltimore’s mayor “gaveled in” the party’s ceremonial kickoff:

And while Gore won’t be speaking at the DNC this year about the perils of climate change, his conspicuous absence hasn’t gone unnoticed among Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

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    Put global warming reversal at the top of the Democrat election platform and she is going to need to look for a nice warm place to retire . Gore or no Gore .
    If the Democrat’s get bullied into that they are truly lost .

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