GOP Lawmaker Calls Obama’s Climate Agreement A Work Of ‘Science Fiction’

Rep Lamar Smith

Rep Lamar Smith

A major House GOP leader accused the Obama administration Tuesday of covertly executing the U.S.-China climate agreement under the shroud of the Labor Day weekend.

Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith told reporters that President Barack Obama’s decision to ratify the climate agreement Saturday in China was a strategic move to stifle public scrutiny. The decision to join the climate agreement was based on “science fiction,” not solid science, Smith said, adding that forging it without the consent of Congress is “all pain and no gain.”

“In committing the United States to the United Nations’ Paris climate agreement, the president is wrongly trying to make law by his own executive action,” Smith said. “His agreement bypasses Congress, puts our nation at an economic disadvantage and imposes undue and unsustainable burdens on American families.”

Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping ratified the global climate deal in China as United Nations President Ban Ki-moon presided over the signing. The meeting, conducted in Hangzhou, China, ensures the two largest economies officially move forward on promises hashed out during the December Paris agreement.

The deal was signed by most of the 196 original signatories but only requires 55 countries and 55 percent of the world’s carbon emitters to ratify in order for enforcement measures to be effective.

Smith’s criticisms mirrored those made by energy analysts prior to Obama-Jinping meeting.

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    “for enforcement measures to be effective ” . What enforcement measures ? If there were any it would be a treaty . In 2031 when China has inhaled what is left of North America’s manufacturing who exactly is going to ” enforce ” anything ? Greenpeace ?

    The people behind this know full well the “developing ” countries have zero intent of
    doing anything to derail their economic dominance plans . If China was seriously interested they would have done something about their sewer system air quality other than make sure masks are available .
    Lamar Smith is absolutely correct in what he says . This would be the biggest sell out of USA interests if it was ever going to be honored . Fortunately it’s just another
    false promise built on one massive overblown lie . Humans are not about to put themselves in charge of the earth’s thermostat . The job is already taken by something that’s been in charge of it for over 4 billion years … Mother Nature to some .
    Way to go Me Smith . Don’t give up .
    USA interests

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