Global Warming Guru Disavows Climate Change, Thinks Robots Taking Over Anyway

lovelockInfluential scientist, futurist, and inventor Dr. James Lovelock, often called the godfather of the environmental movement, continues to walk back his previous doom-and-gloom predictions of a global warming climate change catastrophe.

He also claims that self-replicating robots who are hardly affected much by the weather will be running the show within 80 years.

Professor Lovelock, 97, is probably best-known for his “Gaia” model of the earth as a single organism.

Ten year ago, he predicted in a book that billions of the world population were doomed to die as a result of climate change and that humanity was past the point of no return. He also predicted that the relatively few survivors among the human race would be clustered in the more tolerable Arctic Circle area.

In 2014, however, he described the environmental movement as becoming more like a religion that is not based on facts He added that “It’s just as silly to be a denier as it is to be a believer. You can’t be certain.”

In a newly published interview with the Guardian, he again deemed the green movement a “totally unscientific” religion.

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    What happened to Loverock ? Given up selling crap or maybe just a twinge of guilt for
    the damage done by his unscientific predictions . Maybe he thought he could throw out
    10 year predictions of devastation and he would be six feet under and unaccountable .
    Sucks when you outlive your lies . The guy is a joke .

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    Like many people approaching the end of their days, they start to hedge their bets and find a little religion. Maybe they will be held accountable in the “after” life, after all?

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