Global Warming – A Democrat Problem

It is generally safe to assume that anyone who uses the phrases “scientists say” or “scientists believe” – is an idiot.

24 Apr 1984, Page 7 – Indiana Gazette at

Summer afternoon temperatures in Pennsylvania peaked in 1949 and have generally been declining since the 19th century.

The last really hot summer in Pennsylvania was 1988 when CO2 was at 350 PPM.

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    Spurwing Plover


    And the Demac-RAT party with Al Bore and his idiotic ranting and raving as well as reading his idiotic poem to brain-dead liberals and Eco-Wackos who swoon over hearing it

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    David Lewis


    People “uses the phrases “scientists say” or “scientists believe” in order give authority to their political goals such as creating new taxes or forwarding a one world government.

    The head line of this article says, “Global Warming – A Democrat Problem.” I wish this was true. However, because of what the democrats have done everyone is paying more not just for energy but other goods, and thousands have lost their jobs. Children are working in near slave labor conditions in Africa to mine rare earth materials minerals needed for electric cars. There is a demand for photovoltaic cells where the manufacture causes a lot of pollution. Millions and perhaps billions of birds and bats are killed by ugly wind turbines. The Democrats have made the global warming fraud everyone’s problem.

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      R Johnson


      Well said! Democrats = globalists. Globalist know that life on Earth is carbon based. They also know that hydrocarbons (coal, oil, wood, natural gas, etc.) cannot be oxidized to produce energy without producing CO2. It’s an essential trace gas in our atmosphere, yet they have chosen it as Earth’s Thermostat. Here’s their plan:
      • Add carbon taxes to all forms of energy. Energy prices skyrocket
      • Less energy is used, less CO2 released. Temperatures decrease?
      • Call the whole thing a “Market Based Solution”??
      • Government receives the money—perpetuating their power.
      The scam of “fighting” climate change is nothing more than a disguise for economic and cultural slavery–a pathway back to stone age feudalism. It will is claimed to decrease global temps by 0.05°C by 2100; no bargain at 1/1000 the cost!!!!

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