China Warns Trump

Life in China on a good day.

Life in China on a good day (smog).

“China Warns Trump against Abandoning Climate Change Deal” blares the headline in the Financial Times:

China has warned Donald Trump that he will be defying the wishes of the entire planet if he acts on his vow to back away from the Paris climate agreement after he becomes US president next January.

Oh, that is dire, “defying the wishes of the entire planet”! Then we are treated to considered, thoughtful editorializing — in a news article:

In a sign of how far the world has shifted in recognising the need to tackle global warming, Beijing — once seen as an obstructive force in UN climate talks — is now leading the push for progress by responding to fears that Mr Trump would pull the US out of the landmark accord.

Oh, “how far the world has shifted”! Beijing, once “an obstructive force,” has now climbed aboard the peace train! Hallelujah! And what delightful alliteration, “push for progress.” Who among us could be against “progress”? Just in case you missed the self-satisfied smugness, “The Chinese negotiators added that ‘any movement by the new US government’ would not affect their transition towards becoming a greener economy.” Of course not, China will lead the entire planet in greenness.

We can all feel so proud of the Chinese for stepping up. But… it wasn’t four days ago that the Wall Street Journal reported: “China Doubles Down on Coal Despite Climate Pledge.” Indeed, “China’s government said it would raise coal power capacity by as much as 20% by 2020.” Oh, Exalted Chinese Negotiators, is that part of the “push for progress”?

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    China “warns ” the USA ? Translated we were counting on the ongoing stupidity of the politically correct lobby industry and duped government officials to send us $$billion .
    Further we have been advised by our friends in the EPA and Green lobby rent seekers to stamp our feet and hold our breath to try and pressure the new USA government
    to ensure they don’t try and stop the gravy train .
    Trump is a little busy draining the same swamp China so go bugger off .

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    Who is China to warn anybody ?
    They should watch their mouth and grateful the USA might still want to do business with them.
    Are they stupidly threatening war ?
    A war they can’t possibly win ?
    A war that will devastate them so much that at least three quarters of their population would starve to death and which they could never economically recover from while both India and Russia would wait to divide their territory ?
    Are they actually threatening ?
    Are they that stupid ?

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