CFACT’s Morano named a “top climate denier”

dicaptrio-morano-toastAs part of the push for Leonardo DiCaprio’s new climate documentary, created in cooperation with National Geographic, producers released a top ten list of “climate deniers.”

To our delight, CFACT’s Marc Morano made the list at #2 ‚Äì right behind his old boss U.S. Senator James Inhofe.

Of course, calling people “deniers” who seek to correct the record on climate change is meant to be highly offensive ‚Äì or at least it would be if the term “denier” had not become such a hackneyed climate propaganda term that it’s now a joke.

As Morano and CFACT soon head to the UN climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco, to inject tough questions and facts, we wear our inclusion on the list proudly.

Despite all their inherent funding, media, and government advantages, we continue to beat the warming-Left with hard scientific facts.

Of course, one of the principal ways we’ve done this is through our wildly popular Climate Depot news and information service. I suspect our new film, Climate Hustle, is another big reason why Marc is now #2 on their villain list.

CFACT’s Climate Hustle is loaded with hard, verifiable facts and has been received with great enthusiasm.  DiCaprio’s Before The Flood is filled with tired old climate campaign talking points that have long been debunked.  Despite all its obvious advantages it is struggling to find an audience.

Climate computer models running warmer than reality?  Weather (extreme or otherwise) scientifically normal?  No wonder they would rather talk propaganda than science.

When warming campaigners shut their eyes and minds to the facts and opt instead to hide their biases, they reveal who is really in denial.

We consider it an honor to be #2 on their list.

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    Get Real


    I wonder who would qualify as the top ‘climate hysteric’?

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    So sad for our Hollywood hypocrite that a denier and a deplorable just got elected by over 50 million people . Greenies heads will be exploding and those grant suck A holes in the “renewable “industry will be flaming out fast . Short those guys fast .

    Congratulations to Donald Trump who was written off by the arrogant left wing
    liberal media . The Clinton show is over and now people in Washington better
    start representing the public interest instead of their own . Get your resumes ready
    EPA management your ass is grass .

    The Democrats lost because they forgot who they were representing. People are sick of Washington lobbyist’s / activists that have infiltrated government including the global warming fear industry .
    Good riddance .
    Against all the “experts ” Trump won and the fraud that is scary global warming will be beaten the same way .
    Way to go Trump team . You probably saved the planet .

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