Be Your Own Scientist And Test For Man-Made Global Warming with Five Tests!

The current AGW (man-made) theory pends on a term ‘Radiative Forcing’ defined by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and further developed to include negative forcing of certain aerosols and clouds.

When the sun shines powerful Ultra Violet (UV) light on the ground or water it reflects some back to space as Infrared (IR) thermal radiation. This up going radiation is measured on the ‘Atmospheric Transmission’ Chart below as 15-30 percent up going IR thermal radiation.

The AGW theory implies that a trace gas CO2, on average 0.04% of air, re-radiates or mirrors this weaker IR up going thermal radiation back to the surface further heating the surfaces than the more powerful and penetrating UV radiation already has.

The AGW theory proposes back radiation from CO2 as shown in this Energy Budget although it is not shown in the Global Energy Budget, both produced by NASA.

The following is also a NASA Energy Budget flowchart with no Radiative Forcing?

To test if the theory is correct we can do the following 5 experiments ourselves:

ONE: Go to the beach on a clear summer day. Do you get sunburnt from the powerful and penetrating UV radiation or a small fraction of weaker IR radiation in the air?

TWO: At Solar Noon around 1 pm when the Sun is highest in a clear sky when the potential reflected IR radiation is highest, touch the fine hot sand and feel the cooler air near the surface. Ask yourself how does a small fraction of weaker IR in the cooler air than the surface further heat the surface than the powerful UV from the direct sun already has?

The sand is hotter than the air near the sand under clear skies. The warmed air rises and expands pushing the air around it and creating high-pressure warm fronts that do raise air temperatures. The air near the surface is cooler and hence does not further heat the surface more the initial solar radiation already has.

THREE: In the cold winter make a hot bath and observe the steam rising in thermals creating low pressure and feel the cool air coming in from around. In nature, the evaporation is the removal of heat from the surface creating low-pressure cool fronts, condensing into clouds and rain.

Evaporation takes heat away from surfaces, humidity creates low-pressure cool fronts, clouds, and rain that cools surfaces.

FOUR: If 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is the oceans that contain over 90 percent of the energy heat content between ocean and atmosphere then try setting a radiant heater above a bath and time how long it takes to heat the bath (make sure nobody’s in the bath)?

A Radiant Heater replicates CO2 Radiative Forcing by putting it over the bath replicating the effect on oceans.

FIVE: Whether it be heat or light try shining a torch on a surface and with a small mirror reflect the weaker reflected light from the surface back onto the surface (see image below). Observe if it further increases the surface brightness or not more than the initial torch light already has?

A runaway greenhouse effect is measured by water vapor content. Clouds and rain cool surfaces and water in the atmosphere has a regulatory and cooling function. The greenhouse effect is mainly water vapor. A planet like Venus has a high temperature due to high pressure that is 80x that of Earth by the ideal and perfect gas laws.

Mythbusters were busted pumping about 70,000 parts per million CO2 to yield a 0.9C temperature change not factoring in the fact if you increase pressure you also increase the temperature.

On Earth, increased H20 and CO2 increases productivity and growth, CO2 is essential to life and humidity associated with more cloud cover and rain. A CSIRO confirms CO2 has greened the deserts (…).

If humidity and CO2 have increased it is more probably due to the powerful UV radiation causing more evaporation, degassing, and potential geothermal heating of the ocean perhaps related to a weakened Magnetosphere as measured at

Increased cosmic radiation measured also inoculates clouds formation. A magnetic polar shift would explain a weakened magnetosphere through a change in core temperature, more seismic volcanism, changes in ocean gyres eg. reoccurring El Ninos, global weather, and climate.

Most energy content is in the oceans compared with the atmosphere, El Ninos and Pacific Decadal Oscillations do cause drought and above-normal temperatures.

Apparently, we are also approaching a Grand Solar Minimum that has been correlated to global air temperatures plummeting and volcanic activity likely to be due to the increased coronal holes in the Sun’s atmosphere and associated high-speed solar wind that causes our Magnetosphere to reverberate, seismic and volcanic activity.

Another factor that can cause climate change Earth’s eccentricity and orientation (tilt) change over time known as Milankovitch cycles.

Air temperatures are more to do with air mass, high- and low-pressure systems. High-pressure systems are associated with clear skies and dry weather as you can see on the weather maps, as well as Foehn winds downhills, create high pressure. These warm fronts do increase air temperatures.

Humidity, cloud cover, and rain are associated with low-pressure systems. Evaporation and humidity increase the heat index, not air temperatures and making it appear hotter but lowering air temperatures as it creates low-pressure systems, clouds, and rain that cools surfaces again.

This chart showing high- and low-pressure formation demonstrates that water vapor, the main greenhouse gas, is associated with low-pressure system formation, clouds, and rain, whereas the high-pressure systems that increase air temperatures are associated with dry weather and clear skies.

Air temperatures relate to high- and low-Pressure Systems. High pressure is associated with clear skies and dry weather while low pressure is associated with humidity, clouds, and rain.

The reflected 15-30% up going IR thermal radiation goes from hotter surface to cooler air to space, this is why Eagles take thermals to greater heights due to high-pressure systems being formed from clear skies as well as Foehn winds downhills creating high pressure in the valleys.

Radiative forcing is non-measurable due to thermals and mixing and any potential radiative forcing CO2 contributes is overridden by the cooling from low-pressure systems, clouds, and rain that humidity, the main greenhouse gas creates cooling surfaces again.

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    Spurwing Plover


    If large Birds want to find hot air thermals i suggest they seek out where ever Bore,Moonbeam,DiCaprio,David(Luarie)and Greenpeace,NRDC or the EDF gather there is plenty of Hot Air for them to use

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    Somebody should know.

    “The current AGW (man-made) theory pends on a term ‘Radiative Forcing’ defined by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” Since when is the UN the governing body on world climate?

    Radiative Forcing has nothing to do with temperatures on the earth’s surface. Radiative Forcing occurs some 8 to 10 miles above the earth’s surface where CO2 concentrations are significantly lower than those reported by the Mauna Loa monitoring station located about 2 miles above the earth’s surface.

    BTW.. Mauna Loa is an active volcano. An active volcano will degas CO2 up through the surrounding soil into the atmosphere and Active volcano’s are significant natural sources of atmospheric CO2. What do you think? Is volcanic degassing skewing CO2 levels reported by the Mauna Loa Observatory?

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    Well written article that shreds the patronizing “science is settled ” dogma of the con artist in the earth has a fever industry .
    Science organizations that sit by and collect cash from the scam have discredited their field . Reassuring though that articles like this are finally getting printed , OK except in the LA Times and Guardian who will go down with the ship SS Globull Warming .

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