The Undeniable “Consensus” is That There is an Overwhelming Liberal Media Bias

For all their talk about “inclusion,” “equality,” “fairness,” “diversity,” and “equal opportunity,” the liberals may talk the talk, but they certainly don’t walk the walk. This kind of extreme bias is also seen regarding the staffing of our colleges and universities. While the “consensus” regarding climate change is debatable, the bias of the press is undeniable.

Simply put, the extreme bias of our media, educational complex, NGOs and sympathetic politicians and government agencies undermine the public from ever getting an honest representation of the reality of climate change. Fortunately, even with such extreme biases in some of our most important institutions, the general public has the common sense to see right through the lies.

Call it “fake news” or “biased news” the result is the same. The public is being robbed of an honest debate on climate change and the public policies that come from it.


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    Recent polls show that American people identify themselves decidedly more as conservative than as liberal, especially when issue-based questions are asked. Why then are our colleges turned into leftist indoctrination centers with 95%+ faculty left to hard-left? Why then are “journalists” in leftist lockstep with college faculty?

    Where is the DIVERSITY of intellectual thought represented in our institutions? Where is TOLERANCE for other points of view and free speech? Would American leftists accept a status quo where 95% of college faculty and news media were conservative, or would there be riots in the streets?

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    Spurwing Plover


    Becuase its no longer news its leftists propeganda endless lies and totaly fabricated and controled

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