Lawmakers pump the breaks after Gov. Jerry Brown goes full throttle on pet projects

brown jerryGov. Jerry Brown’s two very pricey legacy projects took hits in the Legislature last week. They were light jabs, and he didn’t even flinch.

But the fact that some fellow Democrats had the temerity to challenge the popular governor was a sign of growing legislative — and public — skepticism about these highly controversial pet projects.

One legislative committee advanced a bill that would force the Brown administration to be more open and candid about the $64-billion, zigzagging bullet train.

Another panel approved a bill that would require a public vote before the state could gouge two mammoth, $15.5-billion water tunnels under the environmentally fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

In a separate water action that was not necessarily a slap at Brown — but could cause him pain — a third committee cleared a bill that would compel counties to move more aggressively to control the draining of aquifers, especially by thirsty nut orchards.

Brown may very well step in and squash these bills like bugs before they can really annoy him.

He almost certainly would veto the train and tunnel bills if they reached him. And he’d probably try to avoid the groundwater legislation because it would drive corporate agriculture nuts.

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    California is the poster boy for solar charities .
    $$Billions of tax payer debt being incurred and pumped right down the drain of failed renewable companies that only existed because the government propped them up .
    How many California pension funds invested in :
    Solyndra $500 Million in tax payer charity
    Sun Edison $1.5 Billion in tax payer charity
    Abengoa $ 3.5 Billion in tax payer charity

    And a clique of 16 AG’s are running around
    encouraging support for an industry of tax payer beggars so they can stay solvent while the big boys chow down ….and then go broke or file for bankruptcy ?
    Why would AG’s promote the further destruction and out right rip off of tax payers to prop up the growing grave yard of
    broke renewable charities ?
    Who authorized these AG’s to further lobby for the ” renewable energy ” business ? Are the AG’s registered lobbyists ? Why are some AG’s lobbying for businesses while in the employment of government ? Have these AG lobbyists encouraged State pension funds to invest in their preferred renewable charities ? Do they own shares in the companies they are promoting within the renewable sector ?
    The implosion of the renewable sector will accelerate as the subsidy game dries up . Nobody likes to lose pensioners money.
    Unlike tax payer subsidy losses that are buried and not spoken about pension managers are held to account . They have a lot of ass covering to do and way more to come .

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