Visualizing Heatwave Fraud And Superstition

I’m taking the train into DC on a beautiful summer morning, and of course, the press is pushing the usual “record heat” and “too early for it to be this hot” nonsense.

Hot in the east, cool in the west.

The US used to be much hotter on June 12 prior to 1960.

On June 12, 1902, there was 90-degree temperatures coast to coast and 100-degree temperatures in much of the Eastern US. CO2 was 300 PPM at the time.

June 12, 1902

One particular claim being made by Fox News is that Harrisburg, PA, will break their record today at 94 degrees. It was 97 degrees at the closest USHCN station on June 12, 1902.

People believe that ordinary heatwaves are due to atmospheric CO2 because they have been constantly lied to by trusted sources.

Read more at Real Climate Science

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    Spurwing Plover


    Yeah like back when they claimed 2014 was the hottists on record(Lie)and that was the same year in Sept when a bunch of Useful Idiots lead by Al Gore,Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Kennedy Jr took to the streets of the Big Apple carrying stupid signs and banners with stupid slogans on them chant mindless poppycock and the various eco-wacko groups(Like the EDF)putting on false and misleading advertising exploiting kids in the ads. Enviromentalists wackos all need to be marooned in the wilderness somewhere

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