Trump Will Scrap NASA’s Global Warming Research

satellite_weatherPresident-elect Donald Trump will eliminate NASA funding for global warming research, refocusing the agency on space exploration including to the Moon and Mars, a senior Trump adviser told The Guardian.

Trump’s advisers have been very open in recent weeks about plans to cut NASA’s climate research and transfer the money into attempts to send astronauts to Mars.

Bob Walker, a senior Trump campaign adviser, told The Guardian that there’s no need for NASA to engage in “politically correct environmental monitoring”.

“We see Nasa in an exploration role, in deep space research,” Walker told the Guardian. “Earth-centric science is better placed at other agencies where it is their prime mission.”

This isn’t the first time Walker has said Trump will slash NASA’s global warming budget to refocus the agency on exploration.

“NASA should be focused primarily on deep-space activities rather than Earth-centric work that is better handled by other agencies,” Walker and Peter Navarro, another senior adviser to the Trump campaign, wrote in an opinion piece published in SpaceNews in October. “Human exploration of our entire solar system by the end of this century should be NASA’s focus and goal.”

Industry analysts and rocket scientists have repeatedly stated that Trump will likely modestly increase NASA’s overall budget and refocus the agency on deep space exploration, which would be paid for by slashing environmental science programs implemented by President Barack Obama.

Obama slashed former President George W. Bush’s Constellation program, designed to take humans back to the moon and eventually to Mars, by leaking information to the press and threatening to veto the projects. NASA astronauts now rely on Russia to reach space, and NASA has been forced by the Obama administration to delay the Mars mission until 2030.

Trump could slash the more than $2 billion NASA spends on its Earth Science Mission Directorate, which covers global warming science like improved climate modeling and weather prediction. Comparativly, NASA plans to spend roughly $2.8 billion on space exploration next year. NASA’s other functions, such as astrophysics and space technology, are currently only getting a mere $781.5 and $826.7 million, respectively.

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    Tom Waeghe


    We need to keep monitoring the global temperatures so that we know and can show the people that the earth naturally warms and cool over long periods of time

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    Totally agree to scrap the whole earthcentric expenditure. Its been 8 years of wasting money on their friends’ consultancy fees for Climate Change. Lets move back out to deeper space. Some may think thats just as much of a waste of money, but for me, I’d rather spend on that which could have serious earth implications (minerals, asteroid impact, anomalies that we should know about) rather than throw away to consultants who make up climate change scare reports…and live off that.

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    Senior advisers to Trump said, “NASA should be focused primarily on deep-space.”
    They also said, “Human exploration of our entire solar system by the end of this century should be NASA’s focus and goal.”
    If they were realistic, they’d simply say, “Exploration of our solar system should be NASA’s focus and goal.”

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