The Incredible Heatwave Of July 3, 1911

July 3 used to be a hot day in the US, but July 3 temperatures have plummeted over the past century. The last really hot July 3 was in 1990.

On this date in 1911, the US experienced 100-degree temperatures from California to Maine. Seventy-one percent of US HCN stations were over 90 degrees, and 28 percent were over 100 degrees.

It was 105 degrees at Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Today’s forecast maximum is 80 degrees. Portage, Wisconsin was 105 degrees. Today’s forecast high is 80 degrees. Chazy, NY was 104 degrees. Today’s forecast high is 76 degrees.

Climate experts continue to lie about heat waves because their income depends on lying about climate.

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    Spurwing Plover


    And July 3rd 1911 was a long time before any of us was born there were no SUV’s no Air Conditoners(Which Krazy Kerry called a bigger threat then ISIS)and certianly No Al Gore,Leonardo DiCaprio,Luarie David,David Suzuki,Greenpeace,EDF, and No Barack Obama and No Useless Nations WW I was still a few years away

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    Jack Waldron


    Interesting that you used percentages in your graph rather than total stations. Had you used total stations, you’d have seen the spikes in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1990s are all higher than the spike in 1911. Because there were only about 700 stations to gather data from in 1911 and over 1200 since the 1950s, or about a 170% increase in stations. Your graph is a lie.

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