The 1950 Heat Wave On Halloween

We are having our fourth October snowstorm in Boulder today, and yesterday afternoon never made it up to the freezing mark.

But on this date in 1950 it was 82 degrees in Boulder with 90-degree weather reported Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and California. More than half of the US was over 80 degrees that day.

From 1932 to 1950, Halloween was a warm day in the US. But temperatures plummeted after that and never recovered.

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    Joe Bastardi


    Very interesting, will post on on this. Our hurricane based analog has 1950 as a strong analog ( high atlantic ace, low pacific ace)

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    Spurwing Plover


    I hot halloween in 1950 And Al Bore was just a lirrrlw microbe back then and No Greenpeace(Thank God)and people were doing better before the Eco-Wacko movement started by Carson’s fake book Silent Spring

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