Summer 2017 Report

Summer isn’t quite over yet, but it was another cool summer in the US with afternoon temperatures continuing a 125-year cooling trend.

The percent of days over 90 degrees was low.

The percent of days over 100 degrees was near a record low.

The official narrative is that summers are getting hotter and will kill us all. There is no science or data behind these claims, but facts were never part of the global warming agenda.

So NOAA massively tampers with the data to make it look like summers are getting hotter, instead of cooler.

This is done through an impressive hockey stick of data tampering.

More than 40% of the NOAA US summer 2017 temperature data is fake.

Global warming is 97% fake news, but why should it be different from everything else Democrats and the left believes?

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    Now a cooling trend would be something to fret about . Can we expect
    a pivot from the scary global warming industry along the lines of the
    global warming rebrand to climate change ?
    Why not …. CO2 is causing climate to change erratically and now it’ has pushed the cooling button ? Or could it be that the earth has a fever and great flood promoters have just gone down the rabbit hole too far to have the balls to try and sell the cooling concept . They are desperate
    so anything goes . They will have to get their comedian / mechanical engineer Nye geared up to tell the networks what to say though .
    Isn’t global cooling just a little more scary anyway . Polar bears are freezing don’t you know .

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