State and local politicians blame the spread of the Brian Head fire on environmentalists

The Brian Head fire continues to burn on the northeast side as more than 1,100 firefighters work to contain it.

State and local politicians are blaming the Brian Head fire in part on environmentalists who, they said, are responsible for the quick-growing fire that in just a week has destroyed nearly 50,000 acres of forest and several structures.

“When we turned the Forest Service over to the bird and bunny lovers and the tree-huggers and the rock-lickers, we turn our history over,” Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, said during a news conference Monday in Brian Head.

“And the fire is going to do more damage because we’re going to lose our watersheds. We’re going to lose our soils. We’re going to lose our wildlife. We’re going to lose our scenery – the very things you people (environmentalists) wanted to protect. It’s just plain stupidity.”

Noel said he believes President Donald Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will now “fix this problem.”

In an emotional plea to the public, Noel showed several pictures taken by Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins of the fire area. The pictures showed what Noel said was an unlogged area destroyed by the fire, while another picture of tree stumps among unburned trees represented the results of logging.

The Utah representative pointed fingers at “The Friends of the Dixie National Forest,” for stopping the logging in 1993 via a lawsuit in U.S. District Court and in turn, Noel said, allowed the beetles to overtake the forest.

“The Friends of the Dixie National Forest,” was an environmental group that stated its goal was to protect the natural and scenic values of the forest. However, many locals now blame the organization for the fire.

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox said he agreed that the inability to manage the forests has “led to more destruction.”

Where are the Friends of Dixie now?” Noel asked. “Where’s the Grand Canyon Trust? Where’s the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance? They’re not here when this disaster happens.”

Echoing Noel’s sentiments, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox said he agreed that the inability to manage the forests has “led to more destruction.”

The cost of the Brian Head fire is quickly approaching $10 million but could rise as high as $20 million, possibly making it the most expensive fire in the state, Cox said. The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management are sharing the costs since some of the fire is not only on state and local lands but also federal lands.

However, Cox admitted that price tag does not include future costs that may result from the fire’s aftermath.

“Then there’s the costs that come after that (the fire),” Cox said. “The erosion that happens, the landslides that happen. The roads … So yes, yes, it’s absolutely correct that we’ve mismanaged our forest and it’s leading to more of these catastrophic fires.”

Meanwhile, fire crews were busy working the fire scene Monday afternoon as the red flag warning helped to spread the fire to 46,000 acres, nearly another 3,000 acres from this morning when officials reported it at 43,436.

The fire remains 10 percent contained with most of that in the Brian Head area where the fire began June 17.

More than 300 firefighters joined the 37 crews Monday making the total number of firefighters 1,427. There are now 67 fire engines, 18 more than in the morning, along with 13 helicopters.

The Type 1 Incident Management team also officially began work Monday morning and is now overseeing the fire suppression on the east side of the Brian Head fire from Panguitch. The Type 2 team remains in command of the western side of the fire from Parowan. Tim Roide is the incident commander for the Type 2 team while Kim Martin is the incident commander for the Type 1 team. The two teams will coordinate closely to ensure the safety of the public and the firefighters.

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    Spurwing Plover


    This is the truth we have all been waiting for their stupid lawsuits using the ESA is now destroyomg that very speices habitat Blockong logging and other certian activities in the forests and turning them into tinder boxes. Lets lay the blame where it lies on the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund,Center for Biological Diversity and on the shoulders of all the tree sitter,tree hugggers,road blockers and green nuts like Julia(Butterfly)Hill the Hollywood Tree Hugger,Spotted Owl Huggers,Bunny Huggers and nit-wits like Suckling of the CBD as well as the NRDC,AUDUBON SOCIETY,EDF,FRIEND OF THE EARTH and the SIERRA CLUB

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    My (departed) uncle ran a helicopter business out of New Mexico . One of his many government contracts was flying firefighters into hotspots while they were still easy to extinguish. Lightning strikes, careless campers and smokers, etc. Eventually, it became common to wait for “approval” before he could take off with a firefighter. The result was predictable . He pointed the finger at environmentalists like the Sierra Club, the same bunch who “won” bans on the cutting of fire breaks.

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