Retired professor predicts mass human extinction from climate change in 10 years

earth-on-fireA retired University of Arizona professor said the human race is heading toward a sixth mass extinction event and it’s right around the corner. Guy McPherson, a biologist and professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology, believes humanity is basically a suicidal bunch and that we are destroying our planet through increased greenhouse gas emissions, a key factor in the theory of man-made #Climate Change.

Most human-caused greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO2), are created when fossil fuels combust. Despite CO2 constituting only 0.04 percent of all atmospheric gases, it has been demonized as an evil trace gas that causes droughts, floods, more storms, fewer storms, illnesses, and death. In reality, CO2 is a harmless, odorless, colorless gas essential to all life on Earth.

An essential trace gas

Absorbed by nearly all vegetation and microbes, CO2 is the reason life on the planet continues. Without it, plants would wither and die and the #Environment would collapse. Simply put, CO2 is an essential atmospheric gas that, prior to the Industrial Revolution, made up roughly 280 parts per million or 0.028 percent of the atmosphere. But McPherson believes the extra 0.012 percent of CO2 since 1850 is heating up the Earth and we’ve passed the point of no return. Scientists attribute 30 percent of all CO2 produced comes from man-made sources.

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    Yeah! A rapidly COOLING climate will kill, but that is not due to your failed CAGW hypothesis. That failed to predict recent climate and was invalidated by observations.

    Of course the leftards will be ever more willfully blind to the data facts. Much like they are with mass unvetted immigration. It’s why they lost the election, yet they refuse to face facts.

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