Polar Bear Numbers Still On The Rise, Despite Global Warming

Polar bear populations are still growing despite global warming, according to new research.

The new population estimates from the 2016 Scientific Working Group are somewhere between 22,633 to 32,257 bears, which is a net increase from the 2015 number of 22,000 to 31,000. The current population numbers are a sharp increase from 2005’s, which stated only 20,000 to 25,000 bears remained — those numbers were a major increase from estimates that only 8,000 to 10,000 bears remained in the late 1960s.

Until the new study, bear subpopulations in the Baffin Bay and Kane Basin (KB) were thought to be in decline due to over-hunting and global warming. The new report indicates this is not the case.

Scientists are increasingly realizing that polar bears are much more resilient to changing levels of sea ice than environmentalists previously believed, and numerous healthy populations are thriving.

Predictions that bears would die due to a lack of sea ice have continuously not come to pass. Recent rumors about polar bear extinction underscore another time when scientists discovered the creatures possess higher resilience to changing levels of sea ice than previously believed. Another new study by Canadian scientists found “no evidence” polar bears are currently threatened by global warming.

“We see reason for concern, but find no reliable evidence to support the contention that polar bears are currently experiencing a climate crisis,” Canadian scientists wrote in their study, published in the journal Ecology and Evolution.

Polar bears became an icon for environmentalists who claimed that melting Arctic sea ice could kill thousands of bears. Former Vice President Al Gore heavily promoted this viewpoint by featuring polar bears swimming for their lives and drowning in his 2006 film on global warming.

Fears about global warming’s impact on polar bears even spurred the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to say that the bear was “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act in 2008. Polar bears were the first species to be listed over possibly being harmed in the future by global warming.

Scientists, however, have increasingly been questioning alarmists as there are way more polar bears alive today than 40 years ago.

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    I love the precise nature of the upper and lower population figures when they have absolutely no idea of the actual number.

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    Actually, the notion that polar bears would “suffer” from less ice is counter-intuitive. These bears have adapted to survive in extreme cold conditions, but that doesn’t mean that massive ice-overs are optimal for their survival and success. The good news is that even if ice conditions are changing (and they always are) the bears will likely adapt as required.

    Actual population numbers are dubious at best, but if they are indeed growing at a strong pace they should soon grow to their environmental “holding capacity”, meaning that there is only so much food and territory to support a finite amount of bears – apex predators. This seems to be the opposite problem posed by environmental extremists in recent years.

    No doubt, if the bears reach this holding capacity some may die very naturally due to lack of available food while their reproduction numbers decline. Look for the environmental left to portray this also as a climate “crisis” by reporting only the side of the story that fits their agenda and templates.

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    If the Earth was warming, ice would be the first and last thing to go. Warmist research seems to center on ice. Ice is not food. Melt it and it becomes useful. Polar bears will continue to evolve and breed with Grizzlies . Super Bears! Nothing new here. What is new is that the human race stopped evolving. Modern medicine gets the credit, or blame. Somehow the left has convinced the resulting simpletons that the status quo is the ideal, there can be no other. Thinking people know better.

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    30,000 polar bears … and growing despite the 500 per year shot by humans and only 2000 giant pandas . Seems like the global warming hysteria cult picked the wrong warm fuzzy mascot .
    How many humans could survive where the polar bears live without the benefit of fossil fuels ? Polar bears will out last humans if we would just stop shooting them from helicopters and skidoo’s .
    The only people pitching scary untrue Arctic Armageddon stories are people trying to peddle their business crap . No credible scientific organization would be stupid enough to claim humans are going to adjust the worlds thermostat to some mythical number by tweaking a trace gas that is favorable and essential to life on earth . CO2 is plant food and is currently at historic low’s for the planet .
    Double it and the planet flourishes cut in half and we would be near plant starvation levels .
    It takes failed old politicians to whip up that kind of BS . They picked the wrong big scary to sell their nonsense .

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