NOAA Ramps Up Their Climate Fraud In September

NOAA claims global land temperatures were third highest on record in September.

NOAA claims record warmth in central and southern Africa.

Global Climate Report – September 2017 | State of the Climate | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Their claim is blatant fraud. NOAA has no thermometer readings in most of the “record warm” area of Africa.

Satellite data shows that central Africa had close to normal temperatures.

SEPTEMBER_2017_map.png (2100×1300)

NOAA knows they can get away with this because their criminal behavior is protected by other criminals in the press corps, who have granted them unlimited license to cheat and lie.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Maybe its time for NOAA is have its budget cut by 99% or fire them all and replace them with people who don’t belong to Greenpeace or NRDC

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    David Lewis


    NOAA is about to get a new leader. Perhaps they wanted to go out with a just one more big lie while they still could.

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    The map that shows the record heat in south central Africa indicates percentiles above average, while the other map shows degrees celsius above average. Since that part of the world has a more stable temperature range a very few degrees celsius will be a large jump in percentile. No fraud here. The reason for no data in that area, is that they did not have accurate historical data to compare. The reporting data came later, now there are enough. There is data, just not from the early 80s.

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