Marine Species Thriving Around The UK

Yesterday I highlighted the Guardian report that all of our fish were swimming north to get away from our overheated seas.

Yet last year a partnership of over fifty nature conservation organisations published the  “State of Nature 2016 Report”, to provide simple and clear information about how our wildlife is faring in and around the UK, why and what we can do about it.


It included this table, showing population change:



Most marine species, but particularly fish, have seen an increase in population rather than a decrease.

Given that this has happened during a period when we have supposedly had overfishing, I think we can safely ignore the claims of climate doomsters.

Indeed the report the declines in some species are directly the result of fishing.


Amongst the contributors to the report are:

Marine Biological Association
Marine Conservation Society
Marine Ecosystems Research Programme

I don’t think Captain Birdseye has too much to worry about just yet!

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