Limbaugh’s Al Gore Armageddon Clock About To Hit Zero After Ten Years

gore countdown clockFormer Vice President Al Gore made a prediction for the earth’s point of no return 10 years ago and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh held him to it since that day in 2006.

The countdown clock on Limbaugh’s site has been running for nearly 10 years since Gore’s apocalyptic prediction about the earth as a result of greenhouse emissions. Less than a month remains in the countdown.

Gore predicted, when his film “An Inconvenient Truth” was first released at the Sundance Film Festival, that the earth would be in “a true planetary emergency” within the next ten years unless drastic action was taken to reduce greenhouse gases.

CBS News reported at the time that Gore’s film predicted the worst-case scenarios would be a new ice age in Europe, massive floods in China, India, and other areas. Gore described himself as a “recovering politician” to the Sundance audience at the time and that he “benefits from low expectations.”

“What really attracted us to this presentation is the tone Al strikes,” said “An Inconvenient Truth” director Davis Guggenheim to CBS. “It’s not righteous. It doesn’t have a political agenda. It lands right in the middle, and Al just lays out what is this inconvenient truth. And I think that’s why the audience is willing to receive it.”

Limbaugh laughed at Gore’s 10 year prediction in 2006 saying on his radio show, “Now, the last time I heard some liberal talk about ‘ten years’ it was 1988, Ted Danson. We had ten years to save the oceans; we were all going to pay the consequences, which would result in our death. Now Al Gore says we’ve got ten years. Ten years left to save the planet from a scorching.”

He added, “Okay, we’re going to start counting. This is January 27th, 2006. We will begin the count, ladies and gentlemen. This is just… You have to love these people — from afar, and from a purely observational point of view.”

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