Largest October freeze in South Brazil in 20 years

Car windshields covered by a frost crust that was difficult to scrape.

The city of São Joaquim, on top of Serra da Serra Catarinense, recorded a strong frost in much of its territory on Monday morning (Oct 23) leaving the fields white and covered by a dense layer of ice.

It was the largest recorded October frost of the last 20 years in São Joaquim.

According to Climaterra, the lowest temperatures recorded in São Joaquim were -3.2º in the Cruzeiro Valley, -2.6ºC in the Caminhos da Neve Station.

In Cruzeiro was the largest frost in more than 20 years, in the oldest station, with -3.0°C and -8.4°C in turf, a record.

In Epagri, today record low of -1.4 ° C.


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    Spurwing Plover


    So where is Al Bore,Leonardo DiCaprio,Bill Nye,David Suzuki,and Micheal Mann and James Hansen to blame this on Global Warming? Just wait until next spring when Mr Swallow returns and he will say these global warming wackos are full of more prunes then 25o Acres of prune trees

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