Hillary Cashes In At Fundraiser Hosted By Former EPA Chief Who Used A Secret Email Account

jackson_lisaFormer Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson co-hosted a fundraiser for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wednesday — an ironic twist since Jackson left the Obama administration amid a major email scandal.

Jackson co-hosted the Clinton fundraiser with Apple CEO Tim Cook in the San Francisco Bay area, and tickets for the event reportedly cost between $2,700 and $50,000. Jackson currently serves as Apple’s environmental director, and is also on the board of the Clinton Foundation.

Jackson took the Apple job after leaving the EPA amid a scandal involving her use of a secret email account.

For years, Jackson used an email account under the alias “Richard Windsor” in what critics called an effort to sidestep transparency laws. Jackson’s emails were on a government server, but the former administrator used her alias account to conduct official business and communicate with environmental activists.

Jackson’s secret email was uncovered by Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), who sued EPA for Jackson’s “secondary” email account. EPA dragged its feet on the request, but the courts forced the agency to release thousands of “Richard Windsor” emails.

Those emails revealed Jackson used her alias account to communicate with environmental activists, and she even used it to communicate with White House officials — it wasn’t just for internal agency use like she claimed.

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    The 2 year run up to a Presidential election is nothing more than a bidding war on who will pay the most to buy the White House . Why can’t this all be done in 4 months instead of half a Presidential term ? If they want to save the planet why are people rocketing across the country in jets for 2 years to win a bought and paid for beauty contest ?
    Has anything actually been accomplished other than learning about Trump’s alleged dick size and Hillary’s propensity to misspoke and delete 10’s of thousands of E mails that have already been hacked ? Did the people in Chicago stop burying their kids
    because politicians were focused on addressing real issues instead of the made up fraud , the earth has a fever . Couldn’t some of the $$Billions being siphoned out of tax payers wallets to grant dependant renewable bag men gone to far better use ?
    USA is a great country that needs to be returned to it’s owners . Kick the hedge fund billionaires , lobbyist’s and corporate parasites out to the curb for a start . Then change the shear stupidity of an out dated inefficient political election process that does not serve the public interest . I know … not going to happen till it breaks but at least we have that to look forward to .

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