Global Warming Is Driving People Crazy

Has this ever happened to you: You’re just going about your day, minding your own business, when… BAM!!! You start thinking about global warming and it drives you insane. I know, right?

Jia Naqvi, WaPo:

Climate change is not only harmful to our physical health — it can be debilitating for our mental health as well, according to a report published Wednesday.

Severe weather events and natural disasters linked to climate change have the most dramatic impact on mental health, according to the report by the American Psychological Association and EcoAmerica: Natural disasters cause intense negative emotions in people who are exposed to them, primarily fear and grief. Anxiety, depression and unhealthy behavior are also common responses. Some people, particularly those who experience tragic events, such as the loss of a loved one or repeated exposure to extreme weather, develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

Well, now we know what happened to Dorothy Gale.

If you don’t believe that global warming causes mental illness, then how do you explain all the mainstream news stories about global warming? No sane person gets that worked up about the weather.

We used to give such poor souls lobotomies and rubber rooms, but now we give them press passes. It’s much more humane. Plus, we all get to watch.

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      Try saving your own sanity by refusing to buy into a proven myth.

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    David Lewis


    The climate change issue has created a lot of emotional stress for me. I find the fraud to support the cause extremely alarming. This reduces the integrity of the United States to that of a corrupt third world nation.

    There is the altering of historical data by NOAA. The latest can be found at

    There is climate gate two showing where NOAA ignored its own procedures to rush a faulty report to influence the Paris conference. There is the clearly fraudulent report from NOAA on ocean acidification.

    The reason for serious concern includes academic institutions. At the most fundamental level of standard scientific practice is if a theory doesn’t match the data, then either alter or scrap the theory. Academic institutions as well as government agencies are not following this. It is very clear that the data doesn’t support the IPCC computer models, so instead of changing the theory, they are altering the data to support a politically motivated theory.

    The level of integrity in this nation is at an all time low.

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