Gary Johnson Retreats, No Longer Backs A Carbon Tax

gary_johnsonLibertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson has pulled back his support for a tax on carbon dioxide emissions after just three days, and now says it’s an impractical theory.

“Look, I haven’t raised a penny of taxes in my political career and neither has Bill,” the former New Mexico governor said, referring to his running mate former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.

“We were looking at—I was looking at—what I heard was a carbon fee which from a free-market standpoint would actually address the issue and cost less,” Johnson told New Hampshire voters Thursday. “I have determined that, you know what, it’s a great theory but I don’t think it can work, and I’ve worked my way through that.”

Johnson reiterated his opposition to a carbon tax and skepticism of government climate policies in an interview with Reason magazine editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie.

Johnson said a carbon tax “sounds good in theory, but it wouldn’t work in practice.” Gillespie also asked Johnson what he thought about the U.S. acting alone and cutting carbon dioxide emissions to fight global warming.

“In theory, it sounds good, but the reality is that it’s really complex and it won’t really accomplish that,” Johnson said. “So, no support for a carbon fee. I never raised one penny of tax as governor of New Mexico, not one cent in any area. Taxes to me are like a death plague.”

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    Now that Johnson has done a climb down on the carbon tax next on the agenda find a F…g barber .

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    Don’t trust him on this, what he said first is what he will do, Stephon Dion here in Canada did the same, he (liberal) adopted the Green and the NDP party platform with his carbon tax and ECO plan. What Happened? Steven Harper destroyed them all. Last election Climate Change and Carbon taxes were never mentioned, But leave it to the Media Party to spin their narrative of Mike Duffy while all the Liberal senators were scarcely mentioned in the corruption, and in the end after the election Mike Duffy gets exonerated and has his seat in the senate still, and all the Liberal senators was just dropped. And This Climate change thing with carbon taxes was never mentioned or was a topic last election. Too sore a topic the election before I guess!

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