Environmental wackos mix it up with each other

Global warming, it seems, is not so “settled” a science.

And as more and more facts come out debunking its claims altogether, exposing the green emperor’s new clothes, the lefties who perpetrated the baloney are starting to feel the pinch – and brawl with each other.

That’s the take from Mike Allen’s Axios, which reports that the greenies are separating into two camps, at war with each other.

Axios’ Amy Harder reports:

America’s Democratic Party, environmental groups, and clean-energy leaders pushing action on climate change are at odds over how best to address it.

Why it matters: Conflict is erupting over the best technologies and messaging, and experts worry the fighting could stifle progress toward the big thing they agree on: the need to address climate change.

The divisions, brewing for years, are escalating in the face of a Republican-run government that doesn’t recognize the issue at all.

The two factions identified by Axios can be summed up as: Bernie Sanders, the Sierra Club, the Hollywood green left including Leo DiCaprio, some group called 350.org, a guy named Jeff Merkley, and Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson. Those are the nutbags, in Axios’ indirect estimation.

The smarter ones in Axios’ estimation are the Obamatons, of course: former Obama energy secretary Ernest Moniz, Terry McAuliffe, who had been governor of Virginia, a couple senators from Hawaii and Rhode Island, Big Labor, and some obscure think tank, which you can see under the bullet points of the Axios story here.

The nutbags want a society run on California Gov. Jerry Brown’s original dream: a society run on all alternative energy.

The Obamaton group wants a society with some room for natural gas and nuclear energy, due to their low emissions, apparently a very politically incorrect idea on the firebreathing left.

Axios declares now a civil war and points out it could endanger the green agenda altogether.

Oh, scare, scare.

Here’s what I think is happening: The global warmers are increasingly being discredited about their ridiculous claims of global warming as a science, and the public is onto it.

That’s why they elected Donald Trump president.

With the ‘settled science’ crumbling under its own absence of facts, as well as the emergence of counter-facts, a vast political empire out there, built on ‘green,’ is desperately in need of defense, as a leftist bastion.

Because global warming above all, is all about control, controlling the lives of citizens, not reality.

That’s why the Obamaton side of this green civil war is looking to allow room for natural gas and nuclear energy, something they have never been too friendly with in the past (although to be fair, former Obama energy secretary, Steven Chu, who is the nicest guy you will ever meet, lefty or not, did tell me he encountered no problems in the Obama administration promoting nuclear energy, so perhaps it’s not a strong change.)

It’s kind of an appeasement to reality, without throwing the whole thing out.

The nutbag side of the equation sticks to its fixed ideas about global warming and the idea to convert to green energy alone, facts or not.

What we are seeing here is a battle between the absolutists who want us living in mud huts with no electricity, smugly virtue-signaling our green correctness, and the already-built green empire, of political has-beens desperate to preserve their legacy as well as giant corporations who’ve invested millions in going green, state legislatures and governors that have forced the public to pay for plastic bags at the grocery and suffer through other controls, and all the contractors who signal their virtue by showing how green they are.

All of those groups need natural gas and nuclear energy, given that they operate in the real world and have an empire to defend.

That a fight is breaking out between these two groups is a good sign, a sign the jig is up, given that the truth of this junk science is finally getting out.

Be nice to put them all in a gladiator pit and watch them duke it out.

Since that won’t happen, let’s hail that the truth is getting out about the global warming scam, and the fight breaking out is the result of a tottering empire.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The Eco-Wackos claim that 97% of the scienists beleive in Global Warming/Climate Change is a big fat Lie and frankly all these Green Groups that claim Climate Change/Global Warming is real in their fruadulent TV commercials need to be fined by the FCC for making False and Misleading Commmercials and especialy the EDF using kids in its fake ads


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