Elon Musk set to garner 0.085% of vehicle market by September

In the United States, 17.6 million cars and trucks were sold in 2016, a little higher than 2015. Tesla just announced it plans to expand it’s manufacturing of the entry-level model 3 SN1 e-vehicle to a whopping 100 a month, eventually hitting 1,500 a month in September. If all goes swimmingly, he’s upping the ante to 20,000 in December.

Even if he hits 1,500 a month, Musk will have claimed a whopping .085% market share (based on 2016 numbers). If he hits December goals, that’s 1.1% of the market. Analysts already think he has his hands in too many pies and competitors are coming online with vastly cheaper, longer-running e-vehicles. Musk should stick with his mission to Mars or whatever planet has caught his attention this week. From the Daily Caller:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Sunday that the company received federal approval to begin producing the much-anticipated Model 3, a vehicle many analysts believe could make or break the Silicon Valley automaker.

The inexpensive Model 3 “passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule,” Musk told his Twitter followers. He added that the first model will be completed Friday, bringing an end to several months of buildup.

Musk also tweeted that production on the highly touted vehicle will expand from 100 cars in August to 1,500 in September, and plateau to 20,000 per month in December. He announced a “handover party” will be held July 28 for the first thirty buyers of the Model 3, most of whom have made $1,000 deposits on the company’s first non-luxury vehicle.

Tesla raised its market capitalization to $51 billion in April, a number that is valued at about $1.7 billion more than GM. The two companies have wrestled for supremacy. Musk’s chronic inability to deliver products on deadline and his willingness to get distracted has some analysts spooked.

Analysts at Bank of America, for instance, believe Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity could drag down the automaker’s valuation.

Tesla shares will fall within the next year to $165, a 46 percent drop from where the stock closed in April at $308.03 a share, according to BofA research analyst John Murphy. He claims the automaker will lose $2 per share over the next year, which is up from the $0.25 loss per share he forecast earlier this year.

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    If I wanted a “green” car, I’d opt for a hybrid. Tesla runs on free publicity from the fawning media and government grants.

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    Spurwing Plover


    There are two makes of cars that Gore and DiCaprio could drive in or ride one is the Flinstones car the other is the Gilligans Island car both are made nateral meterial and both are foot powered

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      Gore wouldn’t do foot power. He couldn’t leave the vehicle running with the AC on while he was giving a speech.

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