Climate Skeptics Are Winning The Debate

Ipsos MORI says that they’ve found a steady decline on concern about climate change since 2005, from 82% to 60%, something they describe as a “worrying trend”. —Climate Scepticism, 1 November 2017

Just in time for Polar Bear Week, the Global Warming Policy Foundation has published a new resource for cooling the polar bear spin. A paper by zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford sets out the truth about the long-term improvement in the conservation status of polar bears. As global leaders meet in Bonn for COP23 (6–17 November 2017), it’s time to celebrate the proven resilience of polar bears to their ever-changing Arctic environment. —Global Warming Policy Foundation, 6 November 2017

“Democracy must be suspended to solve the climate crisis”. According to Professor Jørgen Randers, an elite government is better than democracy – at least if the world is to succeed in resolving the acute climate crisis. Several climate experts highlight a clear model: China’s dictatorship. —Svenska Dagblatt, 5 November 2017

Following SaskPower saying it is unlikely to recommend government pursue more carbon capture and storage projects because of the high cost, critics are saying pursuing carbon capture and storage was uneconomical from the start. Prof Gordon Hughes said even with natural gas prices where they were when the decision was made, it didn’t make economic sense to pursue carbon capture and storage. —CBC News, 4 November 2017

Eurocrats blew £520 million of taxpayers’ cash on a decade-long project to reduce carbon emissions that produced absolutely zero results whatsoever, it has emerged. —Daily Express, 4 November 2017

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    Another inconvenient truth … people are increasingly waking up to how badly they have been duped by the climate con artists .
    The only way this carnie show keeps any support is by having a constant flow of new tax payer debt to float it . If the constant drip drip drip of non believers doesn’t finish it off the next big economic downturn is going to . The public will want whats left of real services and maybe a piece of their pensions . Screw the hot pants from Hollywood , gold digger politician’s and the corporate welfare pan handlers .

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    Spurwing Plover


    Providing to the fact that the Eco-Wackos want skeptics silenced perhaps sent to Concentration camps Gulags for refusing to worship at the church of the holy earth mother(Gaia)whom they worship during their earthday celebrations every April 22nd

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