Climate Alarmists Gloat over Death of Skeptic John ‘Weather Channel’ Coleman

Climate alarmists are gloating over the death of Weather Channel founder John Coleman, an outspoken skeptic.

Knowing Coleman, I’m sure he would have been delighted by this response from people whose good opinion he valued so little.

What he would have especially relished, I suspect, is the arrogance and pomposity and self-delusion of Peter Gleick’s claim to be on the #Science side of the argument.

That same arrogance, pomposity, and self-delusion are evident in this similarly gloating obituary of Coleman in the New Republic by one Emily Atkin.

He had a six-decade broadcasting career, including a stint as the first weather forecaster on ABC’s Good Morning America, but late in life became known for his crusade against the truth about global warming.

“His crusade against the truth about global warming”. Say what? Saucer of milk for Ms. Atkin!

Later in the article, Emily gets her kitty claws out on Coleman’s lack of scientific credentials:

Coleman was a television meteorologist, not a climatologist; he didn’t even hold a degree in meteorology. But conservative publications began to cite him as if he were an authority on climate science.

What? You mean a bit like the way liberals worship the climate science authority of Bill Nye, the ‘degree in Mechanical Engineering’ guy?

She then sniffily quotes Coleman’s final tweet, as further evidence of his complete ignorance.

But the “97 percent” claim is one of the most widely debunked fallacies in the entire climate debate. You can read about it here.

No serious person who has looked into the background of this flawed, political artifact would ever choose to cite it as evidence to support their case that “climate change is real.”

They’d just look foolish and ill-informed. So as a final message for Coleman to have tweeted it isn’t half a bad one.

And it ill-becomes the New Republic or its reporter Emily Atkin to mock it for all it does is suggest that they are deniers of scientific reality.

Climate alarmists, by the way, have quite the track record when it comes to gloating over the deaths of their opponents.

One of the first ‘out’ climate skeptics was an Australian named John Daly – who believed, probably correctly, that climate change has a lot more to do with solar activity and multi-decadal cycles than with CO2 – and maintained a blog which became a magnet for the climate resistance.

But then, unfortunately, Daly died, relatively young, prompting this response from Professor Phil Jones of the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia.

In an odd way, this is cheering news!

Jones, of course, would later become notorious as one of the alarmists whose skullduggery was exposed in the Climategate email leak – which is, how, of course, we came to know about his “cheering news!” email.

De mortuis nil nisi bonum, the Ancients tell us. Sometimes this is mistranslated as “Never speak ill of the dead.”

It’s a noble precept but not one, I suspect, that many of us are capable of living up to all the time.

So I’m not necessarily blaming Phil Jones or Phil Gleick or Emily ‘kitty claws’ Atkin or whoever for celebrating the departure of opponents who were clearly a thorn in their side.

All I will say, though, is: if you’re going to dishonor the dead, at least make sure that your criticisms are defensible. Otherwise, you’re liable to come across like an ungracious, ghoulish creep.

Peter Gleick, for example. That’s Peter Gleick as in the guy who was caught out in the global warming debate’s most embarrassing scandals, sometimes known as “Fakegate”, which you can read about in more detail here.

Short version: Gleick—a noted environmentalist, writer, and campaigner who had chaired an American Geophysical Union task force on “scientific ethics and integrity” [no really] – was revealed as the guy who had used identity theft to trick documents out of the Heartland Institute in order to generate a #fakenews story about a conservative conspiracy to hide the truth about global warming.

Is Gleick really the best person to be telling us, via a graceless tweet about someone’s death, what is and isn’t good for the advancement of “#science”?

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    This is wrong. You’re free to disagree with the man but to actively cheer on his death is sick. What does this tell you about the alarmist movement?

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    Spurwing Plover


    I wonder how these jerks reacted when they heard tjat that nutcase who was going to walk barefooted all across america to call attention to this Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax was killed in traffic and what ever became of the idiot who was sailing around on the iceberg and then there are the nutcases who climb up trees and end up falling out and eiter getting killed of injured and what ever became of that nutcase Julia(Butterfly)Hill she was the big darling of the liberal news media idiots

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    JIRELAND “What does this tell you about the alarmist movement ” ?
    I think we are going to find out that it actually isn’t a movement . Bowl maybe but while some of them may cheer a good mans death
    what they don’t get is that John Coleman created an army of people who will not allow the scary global warming fraud to be perpetuated . Everyone of us has a growing circle of friends who don’t drink the cool-aid of climate con-men thanks to people like John Coleman .
    President Trump knows it’s a hoax and so do most other leaders but some just can’t muster up the courage yet to tell the truth as their big tax opportunity based on fraud slips away .
    People like John Coleman have created space for scientists to
    practice the scientific method not politically driven climate fraud .
    While the investigation of the Fifth Estate is just beginning once the top rats are run off or in jail the collusion and deceit by Obama’s government with lobbyist’s to steal from tax payers through crooked climate fraud will be next .
    First things first .

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    To gloat is a human weakness . Schadenfreude, I’m guilty of it sometimes, too. Never upon death. Death of a peer is a time to reflect.

    If I was politically motivated, gloves are off.

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      PS. We had a weatherman in Ontario, Percy Saltzman. He was a whirling dirvish with a piece of chalk. Farmers respected him.
      He would have scoffed at Al Gore.

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    Spurwing Plover


    These enviromentalists wackos are sick sick sick and frankly i hope they get a real close up meeting with maw nature like maybe a bear chasing them up a tree or some birds dive bombing them but most of them are probibly all flatlanders who have ever left their NYC or L.A. Apartments and get their Eco-Knowlage from watching the liberal news or fake nature special

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