Antarctica Set Record High Temperature In 2015 After Setting Record Cold Record in 2014

Sounds like a nice balmy day on the Antarctic Peninsula, but let’s put the news into context.

The Esperanza base is located on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula and just outside the Antarctic Circle. The base is farther north than the Vanda Station, which at the mouth of the Onyx River.

Temperatures around the base average 22 degrees Fahrenheit, but fluctuate widely throughout the year. March is near the end of the Antarctic summer when temperatures typically peak, so a record-high reading is most likely to occur during this time.

Antarctica logged a record-cold temperature in 2014, according to NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt, but until confirmed by the WMO, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the South Pole was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit at the Soviet Union’s Vostok Station on July 21, 1983.

The Weather Underground first reported the record-breaking temperature in 2015, but it was confirmed by the WMO until Wednesday.

Weather Underground noted the record temperature readings “were made possible by an unusually extreme jet stream contortion that brought a strong ridge of high pressure over the Antarctic Peninsula, allowing warm air from South America to push southwards over Antarctica.”

Antarctic sea ice was at record levels in 2014 — records that were shattered in 2015. Sea ice has since hit record-lows in 2016 as global average temperature got a boost from an incredibly strong El Nino warming event.


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    With active volcanos sitting right under parts of Antarctica it just gets bigger and bigger .
    Whether it’s minus -128F or minus – 124 F it is not going to matter . No one wants live there not even polar bears .

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      I would be a long swim.

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    Sorry but I found the “northern tip” of Antarctica rather amusing. It might be the furthest northern point, but there really is no reference point. If one considers that there really is no southern most “tip”, every thing is “north” of the pole.

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