60 Minutes explains Puerto Rico’s slow relief efforts and doesn’t blame Trump

Last night, 60 Minutes aired a segment on the still-ongoing relief efforts in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. It’s been 46 days and many have “endured the longest blackout in American history.”

But narrator Steve Kroft didn’t use the ‘T’ word when assigning blame. Some might argue Trump should get partial credit with the progress they’ve made so far, but that’s never going to happen in today’s media landscape.

Kroft also didn’t use the C words either: Climate Change. Was someone asleep at the media bias switch? Either way, it was a refreshing change. You come to understand the truly challenging aspects of fixing an entire island from top to bottom.

You can watch the whole segment after the jump.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Is 60 Minutes finaly getting honest and truthful? This is sure to get the Eco-Wackos Gaia worshipers upset especialy those troublemakers from Greenpeace

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