Gov’t Says Oil And Gas Not To Blame For Methane Emissions

Rice fields emit far more methane than oil and gas drilling.

Government research published Tuesday indicates that drilling for oil and gas isn’t to blame for rising methane emissions.

A collaborative effort between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Colorado, Boulder attempted to link rising methane levels with the expansion of hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking, in the U.S.

Instead, it discovered that methane emissions are rising because of “agricultural and wetland emissions” from the developing world.

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Godfather Of Enviro Movement Says Vacuum Needed To Suck Pollution Out Of The Atmosphere

Future generations might need to employ a nearly $20 trillion vacuum cleaner to suck pollution and deadly carbon emissions out of the atmosphere, according to a study from former NASA scientist James Hansen.

Climate change could force younger generations to use special “negative emissions” technology for pulling carbon dioxide out of the air if world leaders do not set a 1-degree target on Earth’s temperature, Hansen’s study notes. A recent lawsuit brought by 21 children against the government for supposedly failing to act quickly enough on global warming inspired the study.

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Climate change gives us less devastating natural disasters

Funny, Al Gore didn’t say anything about 2017 being “less devastating”:

Frankfurt am Main (AFP) – Natural catastrophes worldwide were less devastating in the first half of 2017 than the average over the past 10 years, reinsurer Munich Re said Tuesday, while highlighting the role of climate change in severe US storms.

Some 3,200 people lost their lives to disasters between January and June, the German group found — well short of the 10-year average of 47,000 for the period or the 5,100 deaths in the first half of 2016.

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Disgruntled Climate Scientist Threatens Legal Action Against Researchers Who Criticized Him

Mark Jacobson: A 100 Percent Renewable Economy (YouTube screencap)

A Stanford University professor indicated he was ready to take legal action against NOAA researchers who published a recent study critical of his work on green energy.

Emails obtained by National Review’s Robert Bryce show Stanford’s Mark Jacobson (pictured above) hired lawyers “to address the falsification of claims” about his work. Jacobson has not yet filed a lawsuit.

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Sea Change Foundation, Soros support many of same environmental groups

The San Francisco foundation under scrutiny by House Republicans for alleged ties to Russian anti-fracking funding supports many of the same environmental groups that liberal billionaire George Soros does.

A report released Tuesday by the conservative Media Research Center found that Mr. Soros, a top Democratic Party donor, has given more than $75.5 million to 10 of the same environmental nonprofits that also received funding from the Sea Change Foundation.

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The Truth About Green Subsidies

Up to 100 solar PV firms in Japan could face bankruptcy this year, with more than double the number of firms going bust in the first half of this year than the same period in 2016. According to corporate credit research company Teikoku Databank, which surveys companies across various industries and has produced its third report on solar PV company bankruptcies, 50 companies in Japan’s solar sector have already gone out of business in the first six months of 2017. Teikoku Databank acknowledged that there has been a slowdown in deployment in the past couple of years as the government successively made cuts of 10% or more on an annual basis to the premium prices paid for solar energy fed into the grid. —PV Tech, 18 July 2017

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Climate-change activist says Ed Cox defamed him over Exxon probe

Tom Steyer

A billionaire climate-change activist has accused New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox of making “false and defamatory” statements about him while discussing a state probe of Exxon, The Post has learned.

Tom Steyer, a California hedge-funder who founded the group Next Gen Climate, had his lawyer send a threatening letter to Cox after objecting to statements the Republican Party chairman made to the

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Colorado recall erupts into proxy battle on fracking between green groups, industry

Mayor Pro Tem Greg Stokes (right) with U.S. Senator Cory Gardner

A local recall election in suburban Colorado has erupted into a proxy war on hydraulic fracturing pitting environmental groups against the oil-and-gas industry.

Voters will decide Tuesday whether to oust Broomfield Mayor Pro Tem Greg Stokes after fracking opponents submitted 1,169 signatures to force a recall, even though he’s term-limited and his successor will be elected in November.

Mr. Stokes has called the recall “irrational.” Holding the vote will cost the city an estimated $45,000, prompting his supporters to decry the vote as a waste of money and blast the ongoing involvement of and Food & Water Watch on the local energy debate.

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California Sues Oil Companies For Rising Sea Levels

Three California counties sued 37 of the world’s largest oil and coal companies Monday for damages related to global warming-induced sea level rise.

Marin County, San Mateo County, and Imperial Beach filed separate, but virtually identical, lawsuits claiming that oil companies bear responsibility for the sea level rise harming in coastal counties. County lawyers claim flooding is more frequent and beaches are eroding more rapidly.

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California Passes Cap And Trade Extension On Razor-Thin Margin

California passed Monday night legislation extending a cap and trade program that some of the state’s lawmakers believe could raise gas prices on the poorest citizens.

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s cap and trade bill received enough support in the senate and assembly to pass the proposal and shift the legislation to the governor’s desk. The law extends past California’s 2020 climate measure, essentially gifting the governor a major victory before leaving office in 2018.

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