Urgent Memo to Donald Trump—Biggest Threat to the Environment Are Environmentalists

Did you hear the scary rumor at the weekend that President Trump was about to renege on his promise to quit the UN Paris Climate Agreement?

The good news is that it was #fakenews. (Shame on you, WSJ!)

The bad news is that it wasn’t so implausible as to make anyone go “Donald Trump? Cave to the Greenies?? That would never happen in a million years!!!”

Because the fact is, he still could very easily.

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Former NASA GISS climate scientist exposes incompetence, junkets, best model called ‘jungle’ of code

Gavin Schmidt

Dr. Duane Thresher who worked seven years at NASA GISS describes a culture of self-serving rent-seekers, mismanagement, and incompetence. These are the top experts in the climate science field that we are supposed to accept without questioning. Those who say they are working to “save the planet” care more about their junkets than they do about the data or their “best” model.

NASA GISS’s most advanced climate model is run from the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Thresher recounts a story from someone on the inside:

“NASA GISS’s climate model — named Model E, an intentional play on the word “muddle” — is called the “jungle” because it is so badly coded.”   I know this to be true from my own extensive experience programming it (I tried to fix as much as I could…).

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Climate Change, Natural Disasters Disappear From Ranking Of Germans’ Top 3 Fears!

Fear of natural catastrophes among German citizens has dwindled over the past 10 years. Back in 2007, just on the heels of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – the peak of the global warming scare – natural catastrophes ranked second place in the top fears for Germans.

Today ten years later in 2017 natural catastrophes are not even in the top three according to German ARD public television, which cited a study by R+V Insurances:

No automatic alt text available.

Chart source: R + V Versicherungen, via ARD German television screenshot.

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Potential EPA Science Panel Nominees Want To Stop ‘Suicidal Global Warming Crusade’

The Trump administration’s potential nominees to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Science Advisory Board (SAB) are skeptical of man-made climate change.

The SAB is responsible for reviewing scientific data used by the EPA to support its regulations, E&E News reports. The board also advises the EPA and its secretary on “broad scientific matters,” according to the EPA.

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Tillerson: Trump Open to Staying in Paris Climate Accord, ‘Under the Right Conditions’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said President Donald Trump would be open to remaining in the Paris climate accord.

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Smug elites USE hurricane victims to push phony climate religion

(h/t Scott S.) No one is better at making a public mockery of himself than CNN’s Jim Acosta (save for maybe a circus clown, but Jim Acosta probably gets paid more.)

When the CNN senior White House correspondent is not posting Kendall Jenner-style selfies on his Instagram, he is behaving like an unruly heckler who needs to be maced at the White House press briefings. Monday was no exception.

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Finally, some commonsense western fire policies

President Trump promised to bring fresh ideas and policies to Washington. Now Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue are doing exactly that in a critically important area: forest management and conflagration prevention. Their actions are informed, courageous and long overdue.

Westerners are delighted, and I’ve advocated such reforms since my days on Capitol Hill in the 1980s.

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More on the Ignobility of Climate Scientists

Rep. Jim Bridenstine as a Navy pilot

About our last article, Bridenstine, Climate Scientists Are Not Noble, Stop Paying Them. We contacted Representative Jim Bridenstine and offered him our support in his Senate confirmation hearings to be NASA Administrator, which will be tough because of his global warming skepticism.

We are worried he is going to back down on his skepticism in order to get the job. That would be a mistake — it will diminish his authority even before he starts — and not befitting a pilot who has the right stuff to be catapulted off an aircraft carrier (and who better to be Administrator of the National AERONAUTICS and Space Administration?).

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Pennsylvania’s Coal Production Is Up 20 Percent Since Obama Left Office

Pennsylvania’s coal production has increased more than 20 percent since the end of former President Barack Obama’s final term in office, according to a weekly report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The state’s coal production for the year was up 20.4 percent from the same period last year as the industry continues a slow but noticeable increase in fortunes. National coal production, meanwhile, has also seen a dramatic improvement, the report notes.

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‘What Happened’ to the Democratic Party? (Video)

Clueless in Columbus

“What Happened” is the title of Hillary Clinton’s new book — in which she attempts to explain the reasons for her presidential campaign debacle. This rationalizing requires an entire book, launched with an extensive tour and media roll-out by her publisher, to explain how she managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by losing to the least popular presidential candidate on record.

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