Administration sues Fiat Chrysler, says 100K vehicles used ‘defeat devices’ to fool emissions tests

The Trump administration on Tuesday filed a civil lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, charging that the company used “defeat devices” to skirt emissions testing in more than 100,000 of their diesel vehicles.

The complaint is reminiscent of the Volkswagen scandal of 2015, when the Environmental Protection Agency and state regulators found that the company used software products designed to pass emissions tests in hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

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‘Penises Cause Climate Change’; Progressives Fooled by Peer-Reviewed Hoax Study

Gender studies is a fake academic industry populated by charlatans, deranged activists, and gullible idiots.

Now, a pair of enterprising hoaxers has proved it scientifically by persuading an academic journal to peer-review and publish their paper claiming that the penis is not really a male genital organ but a social construct.

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Trump Proposes Opening ANWR To Drilling, Selling Strategic Oil Reserves

The White House will seek to pay down the national debt and raise federal revenues by opening up areas of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to drilling and selling off about half of the country’s strategic petroleum reserves.

The Trump administration says selling off strategic reserves “would raise $500 million in fiscal year 2018” and “as much $16.6 billion in oil sales over the next decade,” Bloomberg reported Monday.

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Academic Freaks Out After DOI Lightly Edits New Release On Climate Change

A climate scientist believes the Trump administration’s decision to lightly edit a news release about the academic’s study on global warming is a scandal that rises to the level of a federal crime.

“It’s a crime against the American people,” Neil Frazer, a geophysics professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa, told reporters Monday of the Department of Interior’s (DOI) move to edit out a sentence from a press release discussing the effect climate change has on sea levels.

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Guv Brown uses “Climate Change” to Create Totalitarian State—Government in Total Charge of Your Life!!

Jerry Brown is your old-fashioned, European totalitarian, a dictator that does not believe in freedom. He is using as the excuse to control your life the canard of “Climate Change”, the scam that made Al Gore one of the richest men in America and killed the hopes and dreams of tens of millions American. What does Brown want to do?

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Mr. Trump, tear up the Paris climate treaty

In 2016, candidate Donald Trump had one simple thing to say about the Paris climate change treaty: “We’re going to cancel the Paris climate agreement and stop all payments of United States tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs.”

Even before President Trump took office, many of his conservative critics were impressed with his willingness to advocate conservative policy positions, put conservatives at the top of his administration and most of all, to start keeping his promises.

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Bill Nye Trolled Online By THOUSANDS Of Tweets From Scientists

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” just had the unasked for pleasure of meeting a whole lot of people who are actually in the field he has so long presented himself as an expert in. Under the hashtag #BillMeetScienceTwitter, Nye was flooded with thousands of tweets Friday from scientists around the globe who decided it was high time for Nye to start sharing the spotlight with people who are actually credentialed experts rather than former-child-entertainers-turned-hysterical-leftwing-activists.

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