Newsweek Journalist Taken to The Woodshed By Meteorologist Over Bogus Climate Change Math

Well, it looks like Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald stepped on a rake again; this time concerning the weather, hurricanes, and climate change. Our friends at Twitchy captured the hilarity, as the Eichenwald claimed to use some irrefutable climate change equation that measures the strength of a hurricane.

Right now, we have three major storms, Irma, Jose, and Katia, and climate change is certainly going to be a topic of discussion, despite the fact we’re still in hurricane season, so these storms forming is not an entirely alien event. Irma is the strongest storm to ever come from the Atlantic, however.

We can always have a debate about climate change, but when you use junk science to prove your point–it’s time to talk about something else. You’re not helping anyone. In a now deleted tweet, Eichenwald wrote, “I’m not a scientist. I used a climate change equation &, using sea surface temps, predicted Irma intensity growth & timing. 100% correct.”

Well, one meteorologist, Ryan Maue, called BS on Eichenwald’s mathematics, as did other data crunchers from other outlets, including The Washington Post. Still, Eichenwald deleted the tweet because “idiots aren’t getting the point. Climatologists use math to calculate. Math works. Idiots use Fox News.”

Yeah, it wasn’t Fox News calling you out, sir. Sadly, this isn’t as funny as Eichenwald’s tentacle porn incident, which I will not go into because well, it’s just super weird.

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    Newsreek this is the same liberal rag like called Obamas oponents dumb the same birdcage liner that told the fake story of a flushed Koran the same letists rag that gays were okay and he same liberal rag that tried to connect american gun owners and mass shootings

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