Anti-Fracking Protester Destroys Hotel In Rampage, Gets Arrested

What The Frack?An anti-hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, protester was arrested after leading dozens of other greens on an extremely disruptive rampage through a Reno hotel to protest a Bureau of Land Management auction.

Bob Fulkerson, an activist with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, was arrested for trespassing on private property and disruption. Another protester was also cited for trespassing, according to Reno Police. The protesters even brought performance artists clad in black bodysuits, who staged a “die-in” in the entryway of the hotel.

The stated goal of the activists was to stop fracking on Nevada public lands. Despite the “die in” and arrest, the activists likely failed to stop the auction.

“The hotel security was very adamant that this was private property and immediately violently detained one of our leaders threw him to the ground (and) cut his chin open,” Ruth Breech, an environmental activists who helped organize the rally, recounted to a local media outlet.”It’s really unclear whether the auction has been canceled.”

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    All 20 Democrat activists caused quite a tissy and good on them for exercising their freedom of speech rights . They could teach
    16 Democrat liberal AG’s a lesson about the First Amendment and basic common sense .

    When law enforcers are witch hunting trying to bully people into silence you know the lessons of history are lost on them .

    When AG’s become lobbyist’s for anyone let alone an industry full of tax payer subsidized rip off artists you know something is going broke .

    Three cheers for more global warming .

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