White House removes climate change from website, but don’t blame Trump

Shortly after #Donald Trump‘s inauguration, George Takei tweeted the administration had removed pages related to #Climate Change, the LGBT community, and healthcare from the official White House website.

The former “Star Trek” actor and gay rights’ activist created a firestorm when it got re-tweeted 119 thousand times and media outlets started picking it up as actual ‘news.’ Left-wing activist groups like the Sierra Club and Think Progress quickly began a campaign of misinformation.

But as PolitiFact points out, the Trump administration had nothing to do with the missing pages. Before Donald Trump was even sworn in, his transition team was toiling away with President #Obama‘s administration on backing up and transferring the White House website.

That involved getting help from the National Archives Records Administration, which is tasked with preserving the “nation’s record.”

Transition process

As part of the transition process, the National Archives freezes every single bit of information posted to whitehouse.gov and then the content is transferred over to ObamaWhiteHouse.archives.gov.

Once that’s done, the White House website is given to the Trump administration as a “blank slate.” Trump’s team had nothing to do with any missing pages.

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    Will all those who give a shit about george takei’s opinion,
    please stand up ?

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    Fake news from a fake actor . This is the new norm as they go
    round and around down the drain .
    A list of all cheques and contracts issued from the EPA to grant seekers and consultants after the election is required .
    Watch how many EPA management end up with EPA grant recipients .
    Tax payers have a right to get their money back .

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