What Are Climate Scientists Doing Anyway?

Scientists are releasing study after study showing that CO2 makes summers hotter and causes more hot days, but NOAA data shows the exact opposite.

This is the point where climate alarmists jump in and say “the US is only 5% of the Earth.” According to NOAA, the US is the only place where we have significant amounts of long-term data.

station-counts-1891-1920-temp.png (825×638)

That is why US data tampering is so important. When they tamper with US data, they are tampering with the whole world.

These people are not doing science. They are engaged in criminal racketeering and fraud and need to be exposed and have all their funding cut off. There is zero evidence behind their claims.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The overall amount of Hot Air is coming from the usial bunch of fake scientists(Like Bill Nye)and anyone that liberal leftists news media calls a scietists that end up being a pair of eco-wackos to meditate every morning before breakfast and see a dying earth becuase these wackos are stoned on dope and LSD trips

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    As a Climate “Scientist”, go ahead and publish data that does not match the politically funded template or agenda… See how long you last…

    Corruption is so deep, and current climate researchers have never known any other paradigm. They look around in their tight circle of colleagues, surrounded by lopsided political campus isolation, funded with tacit expectations of outcomes, and they think, “Hey, I suppose this is just how science works… Why rock the boat?.. Go along, get along… Keep the funding coming in… Don’t disappoint my associates…”, and so on.

    Most of these researchers are so deep into the culture and so immersed in esoteric studies that it is impossible for them to see the larger picture and unlikely that they will ever ask fundamental questions of scientific ethics.

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