Washington Carbon Tax Measure Goes Down In Flames

Washington state residents decisively rejected what could have been the first tax on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the U.S.

The state’s carbon tax, dubbed Initiative 732, was opposed by about 59 percent of voters, while only 41 percent supported it.

The measure was not endorsed by national environmental groups, like 350.org, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and The Sierra Club. In fact, some environmentalists have come out against the tax and promptly claimed credit for defeating the measure.

“We must combat climate change by transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy,” Vien Truong, Director of Green For All, said in a statement emailed to the Daily Caller News Foundation.”Initiative 732 rightfully aimed to put a price on carbon, but unjustly favored tax cuts for corporations over investments in clean energy and green job creation for struggling families and displaced workers. This defeat shows that Washingtonians recognized that I-732 is a false solution.”

Carbon tax supporters have out-raised their opponents by three-to-one as they are backed by many environmentalists including actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Carbon tax opponents include the state’s Democratic Party, numerous trade groups and unions, and even Van Jones, President Barack Obama’s former green jobs czar.

If it had passed, Initiative 732 (I-732) would tax CO2 emissions at $15 per metric ton starting in July 2017. This tax would quickly rise to $25 by 2018, then increased rapidly until it hits $100 per metric ton. This tax will be offset by a 1 percent reduction in the state sales tax and increased tax credits to low-income families.

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    The voters in Washington got to vote on a tax unlike British Columbia(BC) where the politically inept Liberal government shoved it down citizens throats . A national carbon tax in the USA just became a dead duck issue . Now that Canada’s largest trading partner is not going to follow the foolish na√Øve con job of a tax to control the earth’s temperature the Liberal BC government facing an election has the opportunity to right a gross injustice and Prime Minister Photo Op can focus on the real issues facing the country . Clinton lost because the Democrats arrogant disregard for the people they liked to pretend were their constituents.
    Wake up politically correct Liberals, feel good slogans and cheesy photo ops wear thin real fast .
    When the Sierra Club doesn’t even support it your political upside just went negative .
    Exporting jobs to higher polluting countries is complete BS if you really care about
    improving the environment. The sales pitch that humans are some how going to control the earth’s temperature to some little cliques liking by tweaking CO2 is nothing more than a government sponsored con job .
    Draining The Swamp is going to go a lot further than Washington DC .

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