Victoria conducts renewables experiment, hides real costs, bans cheap alternatives

How much do we hate Lignite Gas?

Victoria is suffering the largest rises in wholesale electricity prices in the country, as it sits on large gas fields that it won’t touch. Why — geniuses hope to reduce global droughts and floods and sea level in 2100.

Robert Gottleibsen savages the state governments that conducted the renewables experiment without mentioning the real costs or the cheap alternatives.

If Victoria allowed its gas to be developed the energy scene in Australia would be transformed, as would the outlook for the nation.

But that’s not much consolation for those in vast areas of rural NSW and Victoria plus suburban Melbourne and small areas of South Australia who suffered blackouts or reduced power on Sunday night. It’s true that part of the outages was caused by fuses, but the outages were too widespread. It’s another smokescreen.

If similar conditions are repeated on weekdays and/or extend over several days the blackouts will be devastating as a result of the political vandalism. Government spin doctors and others are desperately trying to conceal the truth about the damage governments headed by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (plus her predecessors Mike Baird and Barry O’Farrell) and South Australia’s Jay Weatherill have caused.

South Australia suffered its blackouts last year so it was appropriate that this week’s blackouts were worst in Victoria — just as the residents of the gas-rich state discovered they suffered the biggest wholesale gas price rises in the country. -The Australian

It costs a lot to conceal that much cheap gas

Specifically, it takes a $42 million committee to not consider the things that matter.

The art of bureaucrats is to make a lot of noise about pots and kettles in the hope that no one notices the elephant.

Taking its concealment one step further the Victorian government last year appointed a $42 million committee which this month declared the state short of onshore gas, but it did not look at the vast reserves of lignite gas that don’t require fracking (because development was banned) nor the reserves of Lakes Oil in Gippsland and the Otway (because Lakes Oil are suing the government). Unbelievable.

But they did reveal a fascinating diagram, which showed that Lakes Oil’s Otway areas are linked to those in South Australia. A few days after the report Beach discovered a major find in South Australia six kilometers from the Victorian border. -The Australian

The ABC helps the Vic Government, blame the victim, hide the truth

Blackouts are not caused by governments trying to change the weather and help crony parasitic industry supporters. Blame capitalist retailers for faulty fuses:

The Government said the spike in demand caused blown fuses and failed transformers on the distribution network.

About 50,000 homes across the state lost power, and many were still blacked out this morning.

“The distribution companies are required to maintain and improve the network and they’ve been charging customers handsomely to do that,” Mr. Andrews said. – ABC

Can we find an excuse to call this a record — yes, we, can.

Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said it was the highest peak demand ever recorded in Victoria on a Sunday.

Nobody mention that there have been plenty of days higher than this in every other day of the week (like 10,496MW).

Victoria can’t even manage a Peak Sunday now. It’s sheer luck the heat didn’t hit on any other day.

If only the ABC had real journalists, they could have asked D’Ambrosio a hard question. Instead …  “crickets”.

Blackouts are your fault for wanting to use an air conditioner:

Andrew Dillon from Energy Networks Australia told ABC Radio Melbourne the statewide system held up under the strain of demand, but local networks were overwhelmed.

He said all five energy distributors across Victoria experienced outages, putting the problems down to air conditioner use.


The government blames the energy retailers, the energy retailers blame the customers, and the AEMO serves the government, not the people:

The Australian Energy Market Operator [AEMO] also said the outages had nothing to do with supply.

Did the ABC ask the AEMO hard questions, like, wondering why we have the most expensive energy in the world because of “network poles and wires” costs (that’s what we’re told)? If network costs are so high, how come the network is the problem?

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    Spurwing Plover


    All this alternative energy is a waste of time those Wind Turbines are a hazard to Birds Bats and Whales but you will never hear from those Greenpeace idiots about this all many greens support these things


  • Avatar

    David Lewis


    This shows what happens when a government follows the path that environmentalist desire. When it gets bad enough the government will be replaced in an election. However, severe damage to the power grid will have happened and it will take years to get reliable and affordable electricity again. The voters deserve this for electing the people they did.

    What is really ironic is the availability of natural gas. With a ratio of four hydrogens to one carbon, it has the least carbon emissions of all fossil fuels.


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    So energy producers are putting the problems down to air conditioners. Wow. Has anyone reminded these clowns that Victoria and South Australia have NOT experienced unusually hot weather this summer – indeed it has been quite average. There is absolutely no excuse for failing to meet historical and anticipated demand. Given that Australia is accepting in the order of 200,000 migrants annually, the bulk of whom settle in Melbourne, what plans do these energy czars have for meeting future demand! Clearly, windmills and solar panels are not the answer. They have destroyed fossil fuel capacity, refuse to consider nuclear power and instead have purchased and installed $100 million of backup diesel generators (South Australia) to potentially reduce the risk of power failure. It appears that the SA Labor Government wants to believe that diesel is not a fossil fuel! Their hypocrisy reeks.


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