Understanding Climate Correlation

Climate experts have quite predictably been brushing off my frequency of hot days plots, saying that it isn’t a good indicator of temperature trends. The data says the exact opposite. The correlation is excellent.

Experts prefer to correlate temperature trends vs. CO2, which has no correlation whatsoever.

After showing them these plots, their next line of defense is the US is only 5% of the Earth.” 

The problem with that argument is that almost all of the below 330 PPM daily temperature data is from the US. So the US is actually 90+% of the Earth’s historical temperature data.

station-counts-1891-1920-temp.png (825×638)

There is no science in climate science. These people are simply making stuff up to keep their government grant money coming in. They are criminals, not scientists.

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    Face it
    Isn’t time to denounce and vacate
    the alarmist nonsense that
    Carl Sagan promulgated without an iota of proof
    just mere conjecture because the
    Mariner missions to Venus were lending credence to the theorizing of
    Immanuel Velikowsky
    who Carl Sagan HATED .

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