Trump rescinds Obama-era rules with energy independence order

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Keeping another campaign pledge, President Donald Trump signed the Energy Independence Executive Order today that rescinds, reviews, or freezes nearly half a dozen Obama-era climate rules.

The order’s primary goal is to boost domestic energy production related to oil, natural gas, and coal while removing massive regulatory roadblocks. That, Trump remarked, will grow our economy, bring back jobs, and create an energy revolution.

In various interviews, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt said President Trump was setting a new course that was both pro-jobs and pro-environment.

Pruitt noted for far too long, the EPA has been picking certain industries to win while placing other sectors into the crosshairs of the agency’s regulatory guns. He said that was no longer going to happen.

One rule that’s getting scrutiny is the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, which placed strict limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power plants.

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    Trump looks like he is the only one getting anything done . Republicans need to get their internal peeing contest over with and the Democrats … well are still looking for Russians to blame their years of failures on . Country what country ? No wonder people are fed up . The USA is one long bitter divorce and the kids are being forgotten as the mud slingers reload every week . Does the system have to completely break before the adults return to the scene ? It seems so and the sooner the better .

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