Trump Goes Off On Hillary For Saying She’d ‘Put All The Miners Out Of Business’

trump-clintonRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump took aim at Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations he says are “killing” U.S. energy companies in the second presidential debate Sunday night.

“I think it’s such a great question, because energy is under siege by the Obama administration,” Trump said in response to a question from an audience member.

“Under absolute siege. The EPA ‚Äì the Environmental Protection Agency ‚Äì  is killing these energy companies,” he said. “And foreign companies are now coming in, buying so many of our different plants and then rejiggering the plant so they can take care of their oil. We are killing, absolutely killing our energy business in this country.”

“Now I’m all for alternative forms of energy, including wind, including solar, etcetera. But we need much more than wind and solar. And you look at our miners,” he said.

Energy didn’t play a big role in Sunday night’s town hall debate, so Trump took the one question on the subject to also go after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s comments from March that her policies would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

“Hillary Clinton wants to put all the miners out of business. There is a thing called clean coal,” Trump said in the debate.

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    Neither candidate moves the moral meter much off zero . One has no experience in public office and the other 30 plus years at the epicentre of power with virtually nothing to show for it except 30,000 deleted Emails and a husband that allegedly boinks bimbo’s for a hobby . One that is too embarrassed to show a tax return and either lost the class he had along time ago or is putting on a WWF imitation .

    But day to day one openly tips her hand she will be an Executive Order printing press and the other if elected will have undertow from his own party plus the other side .
    The Republicans ( I hate to admit ), barring a miracle , are going to take their lumps for their failure to put forward an electable candidate and the current dysfunction scene will just keep on chugging along minus coal workers and other energy workers .
    But a few new $Billionaires will join the club having siphoned off grant money for their failure renewable scams .
    Internationally a complete cluster ….F except for the arms sales merchants .
    The good news this chapter of the USA reality show is thankfully winding up .

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