Trump Clamps Down On Spending At Interior, Energy Depts

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

The Trump administration is clamping down on grants and subsidies handed out by two federal agencies overseeing energy and land management programs.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke sent out a memo in early April initiating a thorough review of the Department of the Interior grants and cooperative agreements planned for this year. Interior hands out $5.5 billion for such things every year, according to an internal memo obtained by Axios.

“In order to help me to understand the immense impact grants and cooperative agreements have on the mission delivery of the Department, I am directing implementation of the following temporary procedures for processing grants and cooperative agreements,” Zinke wrote to top Interior officials.

Zinke wants to review all planned grants and cooperative agreements totaling $100,000 or more before they can be approved. Other federal agencies have undertaken similar reviews of spending.

The Energy Department has withheld all funding for Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) projects approved under the Obama administration, according to Politico Pro.

The Obama administration created ARPA-E in 2009 to fund “breakthrough” energy technologies that can’t get private sector funding. To date, ARPA-E has spent $1.5 billion on energy projects, most recently handing out $70 million for projects to store carbon dioxide in the soil and alternative transportation fuels.

“As with any transition from administration to administration, we have undertaken a full review of all department programs, policies, and taxpayer funded grants,” an Energy Department spokeswoman told Axios.

The White House’s budget proposal calls for eliminating the ARPA-E program, along with other Energy Department subsidy programs for new energy technologies.

President Donald Trump’s budget proposal cuts these programs because “the private sector is better positioned to finance disruptive energy research and development and to commercialize innovative technologies.”

Trump would cut the Energy Department’s budget $1.7 billion, or 5.6 percent, to $28 billion, but the budget plan calls for increasing spending on maintaining the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The greens had it made under clinton and Bruce(Babbling)Babbit and under Obama s awell i can still remember the reactiion from the eco-wackos and media nutcases when Reagan had James Watt as his interior secretary now were back to some common sense again and no more landmark of national monument dessignations as Clinton and Obama did

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    When you have nearly maxed your credit cards , line of credit and mortgage
    does it make sense to give the rest to a relative to spend at a casino ?
    Apparently when it comes to USA binge debt accumulation this makes perfect sense .
    How can so many apparently smart people think corporate welfare is the
    role of government .
    Try a return to the things that made America Great … and not rent seeking corporations sucking up to politicians using tax payer money to further their political
    livelihood . Here is a drain the swamp Executive Order …. CUT THE PORK .
    Hear Ye Hear Ye. …..
    The USA is over $ 20 Trillion in debt, …Therefore from this day forward all Federal Departments are hereby ordered to immediately stop issuing ,extending and offering grants, loan guarantees and tax credits to non government agencies , corporations , not for profits , or any other entity beyond the Federal Government .
    Failure to follow this Executive Order will be considered theft of government property .
    A little hair cut just isn’t going to cut it folks . Corporate welfare needs to end
    as do the strong disincentive’s and tax loop holes embedded in a tax system that
    over 99 % of citizens do not understand . Flat tax corporations and individuals to eliminate the tax loop holes that are an anchor destroying the economy.
    Make America Great Again isn’t going to happen by tinkering around the edges .

    Loan Guarantees of any kind. Failure to adhere to this executive ol

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